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Ten trip things

We went on an almost three week trip to see our families. Here is a ten thing summary list about that experience:

1) if you have not read this do so now:

2)It’s interesting to see how different grandparents react to Gus. They all love him but you can tell toddler age is not everyone’s favorite.

3) 3 our of 4 of our parents complimented our parenting and talked about how great Gus was. Even when he was upset about something everyone was amazed at how not bad it was which is nice because often to us it feels really bad.

4) Gus got to spend time with his cousins he adores and it was really sweet.

5) We talked a lot about moving home during this trip. In the end we realized it is just not realistic. I think it would be really hard to go from a very accepting and liberal place to one that is not so much. The town our moms live in is perfect in so many ways. It is a small beach town. In the next town over a church has a display of tons of tiny crosses for aborted fetuses.

6) We saw our friends who came out here for a terrible time at christmas. We didn’t stay with them and as such our visit was super pleasant. It has made me be more committed to continuing our friendship on different terms.

7) Gus did great traveling and has an intense love of airplanes. This is good since I plan on taking him on three airplane needed trips next year.

8) There were some really rough parts of our trip, particularly with one of our parents. Said parent is mad at us that we do not make Gus hug people and that we asked said parent to please not call him names. Said parent thinks we are rude and believes that as his grandparent they have a right to do and say what they want to him. We disagree. This is beyond complicated. Said parent has been planning on moving closer to us and we are now not sure that is happening or if we want it to happen. We don’t really know how to move forward. We have not spoken since we last saw this parent a week ago. I know this part of my update is especially vague but I am hoping that said parent might come around and realize that they are totally inappropriate and then we can move forward. They is extremely unlikely and at this time there might be a counselor involved to figure out how to set boundaries with toxic family members.

9) The last weekend of our trip we spent being hosted by midwestmammas who has been my best internet friend for years and it totally solidified that if we lived in the same place we’d be best real life friends. Hanging out with people you know on the internet is awkward. Crashing at their house for the weekend is probably adds a level of intensity. But they were as perfect as I thought.

10) We met one of Gus’ donor siblings too! I should probably write a whole post about that, eh?

Here are a bunch of trip pictures in random order: