Slowing down

It’s been a week.

Two Thursdays ago Gus got Norovirus. It involved him waking up at 2:30 am, vomiting regularly until 8:30 am, and us both taking half a day off work. Norovirus is nasty but swift. It gets you hard but you are back to the races the next day.

When I work up and vomited on Tuesday I knew what was going on. I sent my family off without me and made a bed on the couch. I felt terrible and ended up asking Lesley to come home early because I am the worst at being sick. She came home and gave me liquids and saltines (which I promptly returned) and sewed while I napped. Around 3:30 I called her to help me to the bathroom. I had to pee but felt weak. She helped me to the bathroom but worried I was going to throw up left to just let me be miserable. I came to on the floor a couple minutes later.

I’m not sure happened. I’m not sure if I peed. Lesley heard the thud and came running in to find me (naked, clearly) on the ground between the toilet and vanity, My body laid over Gus’ tiny ikea potty. She called to me and I was unresponsive. She left to grab her phone to call 911 and when she returned I was calling for her telling her I was stuck and needed help. She helped getting off the floor and to the couch where I realized I had terrible pain in my neck and arms. Terrible. Like the worst pain I have ever felt and I had a baby on my living room floor. She asked me what she should do a few times and then called our friend who is a nurse. Our friend heard what happened and heard me screaming and told her to call an ambulance.

The ambulance came and asked me a lot of questions. I went to the hospital with them in a neck brace. (Lesley did help me get shorts on before they came. The paramedic asked if I wanted to put a shirt on and I yelled “I can’t fucking move!” – I got a hospital gown.) Our friend had suggested the ambulance because I was in so much pain and would have waited for hours in the waiting room. When I got to the hospital my blood pressure was 70/40. They started giving me IV fluids and waited for a CT scan. The CT scan showed nothing majorly wrong and 5 hours later – after two rounds of anti nausea meds, pain killers, and three bags of fluid – I went home.

I stayed home from work Wednesday and Thursday and tried to go Friday but made it 3 hours. My arms have still be in a ton of pain and my neck still hurts.

Yesterday when Lesley picked Gus up from school we learned he has pink eye.

We were planning to go see friends in the big city this weekend and we didn’t. I’m bummed about this – we love them and really wanted to see them. Between my pain and the pink eye we just couldn’t.

Instead we got up and bought Gus $40 worth of tank tops at Target because he loves tank tops. We took him to the after hours doc (just viral) and went to Lowe’s (I know, we should have just stayed home with pink eye. We suck at that. We touched minimal things). While he napped Lesley mowed the lawn and I cleaned some tires for our next project. We played outside all afternoon and I took him around the block on his scooter and minimally whisper screamed/threatened him for just sitting on it in other people’s driveways. Lesley made dinner while Gus and I did puzzles and I am relaxing while she sews thousands of cloth diaper wipes.

I’m sad about what we could not do and am a bit overwhelmed by what still needs to be done. But a pot roast is in the crock pot for tomorrow and I get a back rub before bed.

This isn’t how I wanted it to go but it feels nice to slow down.


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  1. How scary! I’m so sorry and glad you’re doing better.

  2. Wow that is a lot all at once and scary. What do you think caused your pain? Norovirus is rough and is very contagious. I had it when I was pregnant. I got it from my sister in law when she hugged me hello. She then ran to the bathroom and threw up (she didn’t know she was sick until then). She threw up her whole 3+ hour drive home. I went to the ER after a day of throwing up and got fluids and checked the baby. I hope you all are back to normal next week.

  3. Wow, that sounds really scary and intense. You are such a warrior, wanting to keep going after all you went through. I hope you and Gus are both feeling better now! Take it easy!

  4. So glad you are okay and now on the mend!

  5. Yikes! That’s awful! We took a trip to New England once and Thatcher literally gave norovirus to my ENTIRE family of like forty people. It was a mess. I hope your neck and arms feel better soon!

  6. Oh my goodness. I try not to judge here on the internet, but THAT is definitely not the proper way to slow down!

    Seriously, though, how scary and disappointing. Glad you’re coming out of it.

  7. Pot Roast and Back rubs are some serious consolation prizes for all the other crap! Hope this week is a little better!

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