Picking produce

Before Gus arrived on the scene Lesley and I loved grocery shopping. We’d spend an evening going through cookbooks and magazines to make a menu and list and then spend a Saturday afternoon dancing through the aisles of the grocery store. They play the best music, we were never in a hurry, and we always had a good time.

A toddler makes that more complicated. The store we do most of our shopping at has free fruit for kids and we take more than our share. We often divide and conquer and I often end up in the check out lane alone with my car cart while Lesley and Gus take a walk around. It’s more of a chore and less fun for everyone.

I’ve looked at alternative ways to buy groceries. Our store has a curbside pick up for $5 which seems like a great option. We also have a local co-op buying club where I could order most things online and just grab my order at a warehouse. There are things about both of these options that seem quite appealing – it would be great to have one less thing to do!

I was thinking about these today and then thinking about picking produce. We buy a lot of bananas and I like them with just a little green so I know the first one will be okay and they won’t get overripe too fast. I like to squeeze avocados and figure out the ripeness I need for the meals planned. I like to browse the discount meats and stock our freezer with marked down stuff. I like to see what’s on sale and splurge on something and remember to buy something I love. I love the experience of grocery shopping too much to give it up.

It made me think about the mundane and how I want that in Gus’ life. I remember my mom sitting at the dining room table, balancing her checkbook by hand. I can still picture the inside of my parent’s dry cleaner. I spent mornings sitting in my mom’s office next to her classroom before walking to school and afternoons waiting to be the last person picked up in our school parking lot. My childhood had everything we needed and then some – vacations, gifts, name brand clothes – but also had mundane.

So much of our life is about Gus. We do activities he will like and go places he can handle. As he gets older that balance will shift some but for now it is what’s needed. Grocery shopping is one place I can mix in the mundane. It’s hard and rushed and more hectic than it was before the kid but one day he’ll remember how his moms embarrassed him by dancing through the aisles.


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  1. We took about a 6 month break in taking the kids to the store, it was just too much. Now, all of a sudden, they are totally fine and it’s become one of our weekly activities we all enjoy. Even if you do decide to take a break, just know it’s not for forever!

  2. Love this perspective! I want this for my daughter, too. Good luck with the grocery shopping 😊

  3. I think it’s super important to drag kids on chores. Otherwise, they don’t know how to do these things when they are grownups. How to clean a toilet, how to shop without spending $500 a week and ending up with a bunch of stuff that doesn’t go together. Also, they need to learn that life is not just working at your job and playing – there’s things you need to do in your house and in your life to make it all come together. I know someone who has thanksgiving dinner catered. Okay if that’s your choice, but I think probably her daughter will cook her first turkey without taking out that nasty plastic bag full of organs.

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