Golden shackles

Overall I really like my job. I believe in the work I do (in short I am a case manager for low income folks. The long description is long), I like the people I work with, and while I have a ton of shit to do I am able to spend a lot of time procrastinating by doing shit on the internet (like this).

It’s good that I like my job because I can never leave it. For my training and experience my pay is pretty good, the only logical move from here would be things I absolutely do not want to do (child welfare worker), and I have good benefits. I had three months full paid parental leave when Gus was born, We are all covered on my insurance for $0, I get 20 hours of time off accrual a month and I get 12% of my pay put into retirement without any obligation for me to contribute a thing. I will never be able to leave this job if I wanted to.

Today my boss told me she is going to retire this summer. I have worked for her for 8 years at two different places. I’ve worked for her for 1/4th of my life. She’s a lesbian, super liberal, and loves whiskey. I adore her and she adores me. While I enjoy my job I have a lot of issues with how upper management runs our agency. She has the same issues and works hard to shield us from a lot of bullshit. I am 100% confident that whoever they hire to replace her will be more in line with their way of thinking.

There is a lot that can happen between now and then and one of the things is me moving into a middle management type of position. That is her hope. She would ideally like to go down to part time for a while before retiring so would like me to run my program and supervise my two coworkers which means I would report to her and other programs would report to her but it would cut down on her work load.

This is an interesting idea and I think would be a route I would be comfortable with. I like direct service work and working with clients but there is plenty about it I don’t like too. I would still have some client work but move into more administrative stuff, too. This would at least give me more options for the future whether it be here or not.

Ultimately it is really hard news for me. No one else knows yet and she doesn’t plan on telling anyone soon. Her next move is to start working me into the position she wants me in and then moving her work load around to make it work. In the end I know getting a new boss is likely and that sounds horrific yet with my benefits there is nowhere else for me to go.

Sometimes I get to the end of a blog post and am not really sure how to end it. I think it is best when I just randomly stop writing.


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  1. I remember a previous post about work BS and I can see how losing her as a boss could make it hard on you. I don’t really know what else to say, so rambly comment for rambly post 🙂

  2. Ugh, that’s so hard. On one hand I’m jealous because I miss working directly with families, but the poor benefits/environment at my last job made it really easy to make a change back to academia when it got too much. :/ I’m glad you’ll have some transition time with your current boss, but I’m sure it will still be difficult. 😦

  3. How about if you take her job when she retires? Then you can be the older, whiskey loving lesbo who can mentor the new baby lesbo when she comes along 🙂

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