Yesterday we had our first parent teacher conference. They were by no means required but we had the option and we took it. We love the two lead teachers at our daycare and it was an opportunity to sit with them and chat about Gus. Why would we pass that up?

Mostly the conference confirmed what we knew. He’s a great kid and while they are not suppose to have favorites he is it. They also confirmed something we knew and I often talk about – he just has a lot of energy and doesn’t settle his body well. He has improved since being at daycare. He used to need a teacher to sit with him at circle time just to help him sit down. Now he does a bit better but he sits right next to the teacher so she can help him with reminders. Daycare has a PreK class and the only thing keeping him out of it is he can’t sit still.

All in all this is okay. Gus won’t start Kindergarten until he is almost 6 so there is really no rush for any of this and in some ways we are lucky that he has extra time. We talked about ways to help him with this (setting a timer) and how they will help ease him into more formal “lessons”. We talked about our concerns for when he is school age and the need to find a teacher who is understanding of where he is at and what he needs.

Gus really loves to learn and that shines through. He is so excited to do new things and fully experience everything. He is extremely caring and aware of other’s emotions. He has a good retention for knowledge and makes good connections between things. He asks complex, well thought out questions and talks about things that I wouldn’t expect him to know. (Currently we are talking about engines a lot. What engines do. What has an engine.) I asked about where I feel he doesn’t know stuff. He has some colors but they aren’t catching on as fast as I would have expected, for example. They reassured me that at this point there is no value in him knowing those things. He should have exposure to lots of that kind of stuff but until he is 3-3.5 it is not important. That put my mind at ease a bit. I look forward to him learning those things but I also appreciate that his social/emotional knowledge is so good.

I’m glad we scheduled the conference. I spend a lot of time worrying about if we are doing the right stuff with him or if he is on track in certain ways so I will never skip an opportunity to get feedback on that.


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  1. The worry is endless, isn’t it?

  2. Aaaa! He’s so amazing. I can’t believe he’s basically ready for pre-k!!

    But yeah. Worry. I had the same worry about colors and was basically convincing myself that Darwin must be colorblind, and WHY COULD NO ONE ELSE SEE THIS?? When suddenly, about a month or so ago, she just picked it up and started telling me that “this is a red ball”, or “that’s a black cat”. I bet Gus will pick it up in a snap some day soon too.

    I wonder if when we lived in extended family groups, humans still spent time worrying about these things when we were around and watching kids grow up all the time.

    • It’s interesting because he can sort by color and if you ask him to bring something by color (“Bring me the blue car.”) he can do it but not if he is put on the spot. It was nice to hear that while those thing are nice it’s not super important now.
      It also is interesting as to how we as a society (or as moms) define smart. We hear that Gus is smart a lot from both our peers and older folks. From our peers I think it is because he talks a lot, he is potty trained, ect. He hit milestones early. From older folks (and folks with more of a background in education) it is because he is curious, caring, and is able to think in complex ways. I am not saying that that part is better or that the other stuff isn’t important but when people tell me he is smart I often think he is no different from other kids because I am looking at a different set of skills/knowledge.

      • That sounded like I meant my kid was the right kind of smart or something which is not what I meant. Simply that sometimes we parents value things and stress over things that in the big picture aren’t super important.

      • That’s how I read it. I’ve been feeling that one a lot lately. Hard not to think big picture right now. If this election has done anything not terrible, it has put things into perspective.

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