That thing that happened.

So I guess I have to talk about it, right?

It sucks. I’m so sad. I’m sad for me. For my family. For our county. For Hillary. I didn’t not want Trump to win – I wanted Hillary to win. I have voted for her every time I could since 2008. I was ready. She was ready. I thought it was going to happen. It did not. And everything feels terrible.

But here is the good.

  1. My best friend of oh, maybe 15 years, came to town this weekend with her wife and 21 month old. I have not met her baby. She has not met mine. We have not seen each other in four years. It was perfect. I love her baby. She loves mine. We did nothing. We talked about politics a lot. It felt like home.
  2. After the election a friend messaged me asking if she could fund raise for our second parent adoption. I said yes and added two friends to her cause – one a friend of hers, one a couple she does not know (both bloggers but I will let them name themselves if they want to). We made a fundraising campaign. We announced it and within two days got $300. Friend put up a Thanksgiving pie sale and within a day we made $200 more. She got a percent of sales night set up a local bar next month. She is planning a chef’s dinner. She refuses to stop until all are paid for.
  3. Wednesday morning a friend sent me $200 I did not ask for. She is the adult child of two moms. She never wants Gus to worry like she had to.
  4. I had a stupid conference today and we did an exercise where we had to a list of values. One of them was “comfortable living”. I rated it low and this other woman rated it lower. I like this woman a lot. She is a young lesbian and super feminist and writes zines and makes art – the last two I know from stalking her online. When asked why she ranked it low she said we shouldn’t be comfortable. Comfortable living is why we now have Trump. I love her. I love her outspokenness. I am sending her an email tomorrow telling her I am always happy when we get to share a space. The values exercise and that made me more committed to speaking my mind. I do a lot already but not in groups. I need to be louder. More kick ass.

That’s what I’ve got. Some really good things. A lot of sadness. A lot of booze to numb it.


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  1. Talk about your village really coming through, friend. That is some truly awesome stuff you’ve got going despite all the BS of the election results. It’s nice to have all of that to help ease this uneasy feeling a little. A lot of sadness for sure, but look at all the “wonderful” you’ve got too!

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