A potty update

Do you ever just have four posts started in your head that you never get around to writing and then suddenly they are gone? That’s where I live these days. Mad props to those of you who pull it together and post more regularly.

I am going to give you a quick potty update. It will be quick because there is so much laundry sitting next to me that is waiting to be folded and Lesley is at hockey tonight so I need to do just enough folding to make it look like I did something but not enough folding to feel like I had to do something. It’s a delicate balance.

So we started with being diaper free over labor day weekend. It went well and by the tuesday after the long weekend we were sending him to school in pants but no underwear. We did about a week of that and put him in sweatpants with a tight bottom so that if he pooped his pants (and he did!) it would stay in his pants. After about a week of that we were home one day and he went potty in his potty and then said “undies!” and ran to his room and opened the drawer with his undies and started taking them out. I said “Okay buddy, pick a pair.” He did and then put them on (with my help) and said, “I did a really good job.” So yeah, of course that means it is time to start wearing undies.

He’s doing a great job without a lot of accidents. He normally has one or two a day at school. At home with us he is normally accident free or sometimes has one but normally it is our fault. Today I thought, “I should take him potty. I’ll do it in a minute” and then he walked up to tell me he had peed his pants. Whoops. Go with your first thought.

The big obstacle is pooping in the potty. He doesn’t quite get it. This weekend he did poop in the potty for the first time that was not kind of an accident. (Before we have caught him about to poop and got him to the potty. This time he was on the potty and actually tried to poop.) Hopefully that will come. I have heard it can take 3-6 months to master that. We are 3 weeks into that so only a whole lot more time to go.

He is still in diapers for naps and bedtime and sometimes those are dry which is rad. He’s getting it! Overall I think that I under estimated the length of time of the potty process but we’re in it now. I might even start selling some diapers!

I promise you will get a not poop related post soon.


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  1. Not poop related posts are overrated! Does he have a typical time of day for pooping? Or a time that would be good for him to be in the habit of pooping? You could schedule some potty/story time twice a day and have him sit and try to poop for a bit.

    • About 60% of the time he poops when he gets a diaper for nap or before we get his morning diaper off. Those I don’t mind too much. When we got him to poop on the potty this weekend it was a morning where we had a ton of time – a rare occurrence but I think we will work on when those windows pop up. He was SUPER excited so that’s a good start.

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