The potty chronicles, Days 2 and 3

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times…

There honestly isn’t much to say. Overall Gus has done so well – after the two accidents on Saturday he had one on Sunday (He pooped in his pants which equaled on the floor around 6pm) and none today.

We are telling him it is time to go potty about every hour and sitting him on the potty at that time. He doesn’t always go but often does. Beyond that we just watch him closely and if he gets weird we suggest it is time to sit on the potty.

We don’t ask him whether or not he has to go potty, we just tell him it is time. He goes most of the time we sit him on the potty which is great. He won’t poop on the potty though. Yesterday it was his one accident. Today he pooped once a diaper went on for nap time (We explain that he has to wear a diaper while sleeping because he is still learning – despite our earlier plan we have not been doing diapers in the car.). All of that is fine because he is still learning but he is grumpy as hell because he is uncomfortable.

He goes back to daycare tomorrow and I am nervous. He will go with diapers for nap time and that is it. I know they will take him regularly but it is a different potty and a new environment and I hope he does well. We are sending him without underwear and due to the poop doesn’t go in the potty thing we are only sending him with pants that have a gathered bottom (old school sweatpants and the like) to hopefully avoid any messes at daycare.

He has been doing so well and we are so proud of him. It’s funny we got a lot of “it’s too early” from people but we fully knew he was ready. We are hoping that in the next month he starts telling us when he has to go and pooping in the potty – I look forward to selling diapers!


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  1. Nah, it’s not too early, this wait til they are ready thing is a new thing in parenting. Every generation before us had their kids trained by the time they were 2, that’s what I do with mine too.
    And, good job Gus!

  2. It took my Gus a few days, maybe a week, to really master pooping on the potty. He’ll figure it out, and after he does it consistently a few times it gets so much easier.

  3. I’m crazy impressed. Totally not looking forward to this particular experience.

  4. My brother was trained just after two, I was right before two. All through rewards and over the course of a weekend by my dad. You’re all doing great!

  5. The pee-not-poop in the potty thing seems to be fairly common, especially among boys. I hope day care went well!

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