The potty chronicles – Day 1

This weekend is the big potty training/potty learning weekend at our house. We wanted a three day weekend and it was this or New Years. (Our other options were Veterans Day weekend but daycare is open that Monday so we will send him to daycare and do something fun, Thanksgiving where we will either have visitors or be out of town, and Christmas when we will have visitors – so now or New Years.) We did not exactly have a plan. We had downloaded an ebook but not gotten around to reading it. We were completely winging it.

Today, Day 1, was naked and don’t leave the house day. It went pretty well! Gus pooped once on the floor this morning (note: If you see your child freeze and think to ask “Do you have to go potty?” skip the question, pick them up, run) and peed once on the floor. Both times we told him it was an accident and that we go in the potty now. We did not tell him it was okay but did not make a big deal out of it, either. Every other time he pooped we saw him freeze and tense up and rushed him to the bathroom. He peed in the potty often – every hour we told him it was time to go potty – sometimes he went, sometimes he did not. When he took a nap we told him he needed to wear a diaper because he was still learning. Same for bed. By the end of the day there were a few instances where he told us he had to go potty.

Tomorrow will be interesting. We have a few things planned that we can pull out of if we need to. Both are toddler events though so that helps. We plan to take his potty with us (we will be SO COOL). He will wear a diaper in the car and then when we get to our destination diaper will come off and he’ll just have pants on. We have decided it is best to go underwear free for a while so he doesn’t get confused. We will go out with lots of loose comfy pants that are easy on and off and continue on the hour schedule. On Monday we might venture out somewhere close by with no diaper – maybe a thrift store or two where there is a bathroom.

Overall it is going great. He gets a bit whiny about it being time to go potty but doesn’t fight us much on it. The hardest part is just that he has to be watched every single second. I spent large portions of my day starting at his penis so you know, that’s fun.

I’m hoping we continue to have success. I will send him to daycare next week with nap time diapers and lots and lots of pants. It’s hard because at this point I’m not sure when to decide if it is working or not. I imagine I will think it has “worked” when we have to stop telling him it is time to go potty – the problem is I am not sure when that will be.

But for tonight I am hopefully. We are one day in and it wasn’t bad at all. Please child, pick up on this. I will not miss diapers.


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  1. I’ll be following closely! The weather in Australia will start to warm up in a month or so and that when we plan to get serious and give it a real go. It seems that the solid 3 day method is quite successful from what I’ve read. Good luck!

  2. It sounds like he (and both of you) are off to a good start! I started early but about 20 months is when I made a point of daily diaper free time at home. It doesn’t hurt to pick up some books about going potty (once upon a potty really is great but I change some words in it) and I agree with keeping diapers for sleep and cars for now. It is a scary bridge to cross.

  3. It’s times like this when I wish I had a backyard because freaking potty training! UGH!!! BUt go on witcha bad self Gus! You guys are rocking this out!

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