A compliment 

Our local symphony does a free outdoor concert at an amiptheater each summer. It was tonight and we took Gus. 

It was challenging. He was cute and happy but I got to watch precisely one song. They have a ticket giveaway to another show if you post your picture and tag them so I posted a picture of Lesley and Gus. A woman commented: “we saw your little boy take a tumble into the thorn bush! We were very impressed with your reaction and how you handled it. Keep up the nice job mama!”

I cried. This is the first time a stranger has complimented my parenting. Gus did take a tumble into a thorn bush before the show. I have no idea how I handled it because it was a very ordinary moment. That makes this even more touching. 

Compliment other parents!  


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  1. I will never be oksy with the fact that your child is more stylish than me

  2. Oh my god look how grown up he is! Also, Hooray random compliments! That’s gotta feel good. ^_^

  3. Last year we were visiting my husband’s family in Kansas, and playing at their neighborhood playground, and Gus hadn’t yet mastered climbing up the slide. He fell and slid down on his face (which was kind of funny) but he was fine and mostly fake crying. And I said something cliche like, “what happens when we fall? We get back up and try again!” And there was a dad there who said, “that was really impressive.” And I just assumed he was talking about this tiny little boy trying to walk up a slide like the big kids, and I was like yeah, he’s pretty tenacious.

    And he said, “I was talking about you, and they way you reacted.” Which was really flattering but unexpected. It made my day.

  4. It is such an amazing feeling when complete strangers take notice of your parenting. Good job mommas!

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