Whiney McWhines

You know that point on day three of your kid having some sort of cold and teething at the same time where you think, “oh my god, what if this is just his personality now?”

We’re there. 


Posted on July 7, 2016, in Uncategorized. Bookmark the permalink. 14 Comments.

  1. shawnsorcade

    Hehehe and second molars already?!

  2. I always expected canines would be easy, since they’re so sharp and pointy. But those mother fuckers are THE WORST.

  3. Ha! I just had a time hop status come up from a year ago saying more or less the same thing. This too shall pass!

  4. Yes. Just, yes. Every day. Sometimes without prompting from illness or teething, but yes.

    Also, those canines BLOW.

  5. I have two. I ask myself twice…several times a day!

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