President Gus

Last week when I picked Gus up from daycare I chatted with the owner/lead teacher for a bit. I wanted to see if she was concerned with some things that kind of bug me in the back of my mind – mainly Gus’ attention span. Y’all are stressing me out with your pictures of littles at movies. Gus would NEVER NEVER NEVER tolerate a movie. When the TV is on I think his interest record is about 3 minutes and that was when he was sleepy. As I watch other kiddos we know go to the movies I was starting to wonder if we should be concerned. Her verdict was no, not even a little bit.

Anyway, that’s not the point of my story. In chatting we were talking about all the things we love about him which is, of course, my favorite topic of conversation. I’m not going to say Gus is the daycare favorite but he might be the daycare favorite. She said, in a sheepish voice not sure if she should tell me her secret, that she jokes that Gus is going to be president.

I laughed. We’ve jokes about this for probably the last year. President Gus. Senator Gus (D. Oregon). Between my love of politics and his personality it could very well be his fate. She jokes that even his name, August, sounds presidential. While the hyphenated last name may throw some even if he took one of our names as an adult he sounds like a president. August Ya.tes. August Poll.ard. (This is big news if you don’t know my last name. I think most people we have friends with now have no idea.)

Gus has so much personality. I know I talk about it a lot and you can see it in pictures but there is so much of it. He is sweet and caring – when people are crying he notices and asks about it. He has started adding to his apologies – Yesterday he told both the dog and one of the cats, “Sorry, didn’t mean to.” He is loving and considerate and is a stranger to no one. He’ll be great on the campaign trail.

He’s also smart. I know at this age things are going fast and it might even out but boy, is he smart. He can sing the ABC’s and count some (It’s pretty sporadic but he can do it!). He is starting to learn colors and shapes. This morning Lesley was writing his name on the tag of his clothes (we’ve lost a few things to daycare recently) and she told him was she was doing. He said, “G-U-S. Gus!” This kid.

We’ve reached a weird point where most of the development stuff I knew is done. He’s walking, running, talking, ect. ect. ect. Of course there are more things but I feel a bit sad that most of our big “milestones” are passed. But then I think about watching who he is becoming and that is such a joy. There is still a lot to see between now and his Inauguration Day. 🙂

And now, a sampling of old pictures that show his presidential side:


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  1. He is adorable.

  2. Gus for President!

  3. He’s got my vote already, I’m telling ya. I’ll be able to say I “knew” him back when…!

  4. Don’t worry a bit about the attention span thing! Wallace couldn’t sit through a picture book until he was two and now I am reading him Charlotte’s web. The language development is going to keep blowing your mind. Enjoy it! And, I’d totally vote Gus unless Wallace is running against him.

  5. ❤ – need I say more?

    Wait, YES I do! Rewind to present-day politics, Warren possible VP???! Maybe online media is just trying to make my heart pitter-patter and then crush me with reality later, but wow, what a ticket that would be. Again with the ❤ …

  6. He had my vote a long time ago! I love that face!!!

  7. We could use a tree-hugging president! And if the U.S. won’t go for that, you can always send him up here – he can be President of Canada.

    Seriously, he is so adorable…

  8. Even at nearly 4, Scarlett still fidgets during a movie. Attention span is really just indicative of what they find interesting and he doesn’t find television interesting! I’d say you win on that front. 😉

    • He will read books for days and he also gets very single track mind about stuff he wants to do so I know there is good there. Overall I am okay with his lack of interest in tv but he talks NONSTOP and I now realize how nice it would be to put him in front of the tv for 20 minutes. 😉

      • Oh, don’t I know it. Sometimes, it’s my only silence. You know what also keeps mine quiet that he may enjoy? Audio books. We’ve used them from the library and it’s A+ entertainment for all of them, even the babies. 🙂

  9. What a cutie! We’ve been loving this age. He’s even starting to tell us about his day, although we aren’t sure quite what to believe yet.

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