Sigh. Gus has learned the word yucky.

As a stand alone thing this is not bad. It is a word and he can use it to express opinions. But he is using it for things we are not fond of. At different point this weekend he pointed to both Lesley and I while we were not fully dressed and said, “yucky!”. He also does it when he sees us rinsing a poop diaper.

The body stuff is hard. We just say, “Nope, that’s mommy’s/mama’s body and bodies aren’t yucky!” and move on. I feel like that is an appropriate response and we are trying not to make it a big deal and just correct him that bodies aren’t yucky and move on. Diapers are hard too, mainly because we don’t want him to develop weird issues with shame. We say that everybody poops and it’s totally fine but we should not touch it or something like that. Again, not a big deal but a hard yucky concept to explain to a toddler.

Oddly enough, he doesn’t use yucky for much else. Not food or other things he finds gross. Is this our first “influenced by other daycare kids” language? It’s weird that it just popped up.

Now I am going to list the cute things he says:

I talked a while ago about how he knew “sad” and “crying” but now he knows “happy” too. When he laughs really hard he yells, “HAPPY!”.

Yesterday we went to a local farm to pet the goats. We pet the goats and then went to the pygmy goats and he freaking called them pygmy goats without prompting. We aren’t totally sure if he was calling them pygmy goats or “piggy” goats (we were feeding them and they sure were going after the food) but we never refer to people eating as piggies so both would be equally as weird. One would be a weird thing our kid learned (piggy goats), one makes our kid such a weirdo (pygmy goats).

Lesley reads him the book http://www.amazon.com/Toot-Leslie-Patricelli-board-books/dp/0763663212/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1464045175&sr=8-1&keywords=toot at night and now he walks around all the time saying, “toots are funny!”

He keeps running his head in to both of our vulva’s and saying, “In the tunnel!” which is, uh, weird.

And my favorite: When he gets hurt he shows us and says, “Kiss it better”. If we tell him to be gentle with something (cat) he’ll go up to it, kiss it, and say, “kiss it better!”. Lesley does bedtime and said that the past couple of nights he’ll purposely bump (very lightly and totally on purpose) his head on the wall and then come to her so she can kiss it better. Kind of weird that the kid thinks he needs to hurt himself to get kisses but still cute so I’ll take it.


i tried to find a good picture i had not posted on fb or insta. maybe this? he’s such a ham.



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  1. These are fascinating. I especially love HAPPY!

  2. Ugh, Gus! Slaying with the cute words! I still love mama hockey puck puck puck puck.

  3. I love this! Ah, he’s just such a great kid!

  4. AHH! What a cutie! 😀

    With the tunnel thing, do you think he’s maybe trying to get you to open up your legs and make a tunnel that he can crawl through? Around his age, our kids were big on crawling through a “mom tunnel” between our legs (thank goddess not INTO us, LOL). I could totally see daycare kids playing a game like that, so also something he could’ve picked up. I have no idea where our kids got it from.

  5. He’s so ridiculously cute. Either piggy or Pygmy goats is weird and cute. It must be so strange seeing him acquire all these new experiences that come back to you via actual words. I can’t wait for words!

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