For those of you who have been following along you know that we’ve had a rough 2016. Gus has been sick pretty much non stop which often involves us being sick. MRSA, ear infection, constant cold and now we have entered the world of pink eye. Two victims claimed already and I am guessing I am next. We seriously cannot catch a break.

We used money from our tax return to fence in our front yard. In some ways it feels frivolous to me and in others it was something that had to happen. Gus needs to run. He needs to be busy and active and most days that involves him tearing apart every inch of our house while I watch in awe and wonder why I thought this kid thing was a good idea. But now we enter a sunny time and we can let him run outdoors without the fear of him running into the road. It needed to happen. It is not a luxury. The neighbors would have stared if we just put a rope between the two trees in our yard and tied him to it. And the trees are super close together so it would have been pointless anyway. So we got the fence built and it sure is pretty and sure did cost $500 more than the estimate.

I did the math. We were starting this month $151 in the red.

And then I smashed the car.

On my way to work this morning I got in an accident. I am okay although now a bit sore. But I have a wicked cough, the kind that makes your whole body hurt, so who knows if that is it. The accident was my fault. I was on the highway (after dropping Gus off) and it was stop and go traffic and the car in front of me stopped and I goed. Our car has some serious damage, theirs is fine. I managed to drive it to a nearby dealership who suggest I tow it to their collision center a half mile away because it shouldn’t be driven. I did, it lives there, and some day soon someone is going to call me about fixing it.

I made the insurance claim and cried to so many strangers in person and on the phone. The next step was getting a rental car which the dealership does. I go in, the nice lady is helpful, and she asks for my credit card and license. Things I don’t have. Things I don’t have because two weeks ago Lesley lost my wallet. Week one was hoping we’d find it, week two was trying to find time to go to the DMV. So here I am, at the dealership, no way to rent a car. I’m displeased with Lesley (Note: People look at your strange when they ask for you license and you pause then say, “I am going to fucking murder her.”) and calling her on the phone. I (not so nicely) explain the situation. She comes on the bus from work (an hour commute), she rents the car, and we head home to get stuff for me to go get my license.

Online it says you need your birth certificate. I keep mine in the “E for Emily” file folder. Which was not in the file cabinet. Or anywhere in the house. We search. We search. Half hour passes when I remember that we have a fire safe. It’s in there, of course. We go to the DMV, get my license, add me to the rental car so I can pick Gus up from daycare. (We had a friend lend us a carseat until our new one arrives. You can’t use a car seat after an accident. [What this means varies by seat but our seat’s policy is any accident and seat is no good.] I ordered his new seat today and it will get here Tuesday. Insurance will reimburse me.)

So we wait to hear about the car. We have a $500 deductible. Remember how we were already $151 in the red due to fence? Yeah. Take a look at that math. 

The fence + car means we definitely can’t go to New York this summer. A trip we have been planning for over a year. A trip to see my best friend who has a one year old I have never met and I have a one year old she has never met. I can’t even begin to talk about this whole part of things now.

It’s 9 pm and Lesley is in bed because she feels terrible. I’m finishing this and feeding the dog and heading there. Our house is a mess. My dad comes for the weekend tomorrow. I’m pretty sure I’m going to wake up with pink eye.


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  1. Oh no, what an awful, horrible, no good week. I’m glad you are safe, first and foremost, but man I would definitely lose my s if I went through half of what you dealt with. I empathize with being poor. After dropping 7k to bring our dog back from near death, the boy feeds her a raisin and we spent another thousand having her kidneys flushed so we didn’t risk losing that 7k investment in her life. Nobody tells you all the related costs of having a kid lol. The fence will be worth it. We have one in the backyard, and he loves having the free range.

  2. I think 2016 has been a rough year for a lot of us. I am glad you’re okay from the accident, but I’m so sorry your week is the week from hell. And it really, really sucks about your trip to New York.

    Evelyn spent her first year in daycare constantly sick (and I was too as a result). It was absolutely awful and I remember it very unfondly. After the first year it does get better, but it sure sucks living through it while little immune systems get built.

    I hope things start looking up for you guys. I think you’ve had your fair share of shitty things happening, now it’s time for some good.

    • Little do you know that you and Evelyn are my guiding light here. I remember how sick she was for so long but also know that that stopped at some point and now she is not sick all the time. I’ve asked other working parents about this and they say the same thing but Evelyn and Gus started in a daycare environment around the same age. Most folks I know with kids in care have been in a center since 3 months or so so they have been through this and are done.

      • I’m glad our hellish experiences turned decent health has been a guiding light for you. It absolutely DOES get better. Evelyn has only had minor colds all winter (touch every piece of wood within a mile distance) and I know next year at this time will be much better for Gus and you and L, too!

  3. AmyApplesnail

    UGH, that is a seriously rough start to the year indeed. Glad you’re OK, but man oh man I can feel your frustration.
    On another note, I don’t think the fence was frivolous at all. We are planning to scrounge for the money for a fence once our kid starts walking. It was hard enough to keep the dog off the road without a fence, and she was ancient and rarely got up off the deck to do anything. A fence with a toddler is totally a necessity.
    Maybe your best friend is slightly less poor and will be able to make the trip to see you this summer?

  4. Yikes! Oh, that sucks. I’m happy to hear you’re okay but having to deal with the fall-out from an accident is just a total mess.

    I agree with the necessity of the fence. Knowing they have a safe, enclosed space to play is tantamount to their entertainment and my own personal sanity. Just crummy timing financially but I’ve come to sort of think that’s always going to happen with kids.

    As for the sickness, poor guy. It’s exhausting to be getting over several piggy backed illnesses and even more exhausting to parent through them. I hope you guys have a good streak of health soon, maybe now that the weather has warmed?

    I hope next week is better. I hope TOMORROW is better. Thinking of you guys. šŸ™‚

    • It’s so hard for me to justify the fence because it was expensive and we don’t NEED it. But it will makes our lives so much easier! I appreciate other people reinforcing that this was a smart, necessary move.
      The good news is I didn’t wake up with pink eye. The bad news is we just got a call from daycare – a kid there has hand foot and mouth.

  5. I’m so sorry, that sucks, plain and simple. Hopefully things will get better soon.

  6. You need the fence, it’s a must have. Maybe not this year, but next year you will be able to let him play outside while you eat candy and binge watch Netflix on the couch šŸ™‚

  7. Well that’s a shitty April Fool’s joke. šŸ˜¦ Accidents suck. Losing your wallet sucks. Illness sucks. Not being able to go on a highly anticipated trip super sucks. šŸ˜¦ Sorry, friend.

    That fence though, it will be worth its weight in gold. I could not have survived the last 3 years without a complete backyard fence. Ok, a little different because with two, they inevitably take off in different directions. But just being able to let them do their play without any kind of hovering or anxiety that they’ll wander into the street is precious. Plus you have the whole canine thing going on, so you get the added benefit of being able to let a dog out without having to always go out there with it. Best investment ever.

    I hope the rest of your 2016 improves as much as your backyard just did!

  8. Shit, friend, here’s hoping you all can get off that train soon. I think Darwin was sick from September to the end of January, but Gus definitely takes the cake with the MRSA diagnosis. And the car? Ugh, I’m just so sorry.

    The worst is the fallout being your trip. I’ve been there several times, giving up seeing friends and family for unforeseen necessities. It’s never easier. The world is too damn big.

  9. Just don’t even think any jokes about how it can’t get any worse, and that way you’ll at least live to see 2017. But seriously, fence so worth it, and don’t stop thinking of me as a neighbor even though we moved!

  10. Talk about a shit storm. I’m so sorry. I couldn’t imagine not having a fenced yard. Totally not frivolous. How’s the pink eye situation? I know I’m behind on this post!

  11. Jeez friend…I’m sitting at work reading this and every time you explain one more shitty thing, i just sink lower and lower into my seat for you. That seriously blows! I HOPE YOU GUYS CATCH A DAMN BREAK SOON! At least when you’re wiping gunk out of your eye while writing a check for the car, and checking on sick Lesley, you can let Gus run around in the yard without worrying about hospitals. That a good look! Oh Emily…i feel for you…sending a virtual hug and a comfy shoulder…

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