I have a lot to write but Gus has been sick and I have not been sleeping so they will wait for tomorrow. 

He called me “Mommy” today.  Looked at me and said it.  He’s been calling us both mama but finally, I’m mommy. 

I always used to think mama was superior and whoever was mommy lost a bet. But finally, he knows I’m mommy.  His mommy.  



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  1. So lovely.

    And is he smile-crying in that pic? What a sweet boy.

  2. Hooray! I had several veteran parents reprimand me for letting my wife claim the mama title. “Don’t you know they say Mama first?” they would ask. “Mommy is much harder for them to say.” They’re not wrong of course. But who cares–once they do say it, that’s all that matters. Plus I got the first kiss. Not that we’re keeping track of these things or anything.

    Hope health and sleep return soon!

  3. Aww–so sweet. Catch and I have decided that we’re both mama until Charlotte decides differently. I can’t wait to see where we end up. I hope Gus is feeling better today!

  4. Also, I don’t think I’ve ever mentioned it, but when our very best friend and former neighbor moved out here from NYC, she had a dog named Gus. (The best dog.) We called him The Guster (or the Gusmeister). EVERY time I refer to your son, I want to call him The Guster.

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