Strictly platonic

I cruised craigslist strictly platonic tonight and there is only terrible stuff. I drafted (but did not post) my own ad.

Adulting is strange.

Loud opinionated dyke married to quiet, nicer dyke. We seek other couples to play board games and drink beer. We have a kid and want to hang out after bedtime. Can really only hang out at our house but would be open to future outing with said kid in tow. Likes: beer, sweet treats, bicycles, second wave feminism, holding unpopular opinions and alienating people. 

Looking to hang out often as we are fresh out of friends (baby + alienating people) but will keep our cool and be down with once in a while. Not looking for drama or weird hook ups just mutual interest in settles of Catan (but nothing nerdier where you have to wear a costume). 

We like the couple dynamic (and four player games) but our open to different kinds of friends. I don’t know many men I like but hey, willing to try new things and hang out with those, too. Plus, we’re starting to potty train boy child and having a dude around might save us some time with google searches. 


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  1. This is amazing.

    – Cade

  2. You should post this just to see what shakes out, hehe.

  3. LOL! Oh, please post this.

  4. Hilarious.
    Also awesome. I would totally respond to such an ad (lesbians? babies? Catan?!) You should do it, I’m sure there are other people cruising the strictly platonic section who aren’t brave enough to post their own ads.

  5. Love it. Would totally respond and hang out. Hopefully our strong opinions won’t clash. I may have played Catan once, I’m not sure, but I love board and card games. I come with a potty trained 3yo who can help peer pressure your child into using the potty. He sits to pee and wipes his penis.

  6. Lol😂😂😂

  7. If I lived closer Adam and I would totally be your grown up friends, although he doesn’t drink. This could be fine since he will just be my driver. We love board games, and you know I like unpopular opinions.

  8. This is actually amazing and I think you should post it immediately.

  9. I read it to The Queen and she said “Yeah, no where are they? I’d sign up for that in a second.” So, you know, probably would work. I think you might pull out other hilarious, like-minded people who would appreciate it for what it is and probably find yourself a friend or two!

  10. Hahahaha that is literally the best, most accurate description of you ladies I have ever read. I would definitely reply to that ad.

  11. Wait, WHAT?! Settlers of Catan but no Star Trek: Voyager?! Your selective nerd flag is baffling.

    You definitely need to post that. And let us all know the best & worst of the responses.

  12. This is amazing and I actually laughed out loud!
    I would totally respond. The fact that I have my own toddlers that need to sleep at our house would mean it would probably require us to uhaul our relationship so we lived in a commune together.
    We actually met two of our closest friends on plentyoffish 7 years ago! They were a newlywed couple that had recently moved to the city and we were newlywed and had lost a lot of friends due to shift in priorities. We see them more than any friends even though they now live 2 hours away!

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