Gus had MRSA.

In actuality, Gus HAS MRSA because once you have MRSA you are always a carrier for it. So from now on Gus has MRSA.

We don’t know how it got it. The most common place for a child his age to get it is childcare. For those of you keeping track that would mean that in my child’s first month part time in childcare he got MRSA. I asked the nurse today if we should be concerned about it and basically, he already has it so it doesn’t matter. It isn’t really worth our time to figure out where he got it. He has it and that’s how it is.

If you don’t know much about MRSA here is what I have learned in the last 10 hours. Basically it is no big deal. If he has a cut that isn’t healing well we need to be concerned. If he gets spot, like the boil that was on his wrist a few weeks ago then we should take him in then. We don’t wait, we don’t watch things, we call, we go in. We make sure doctors know when looking at these things. He doesn’t pose a risk to anyone on a daily basis. He doesn’t pose a risk to anyone who is immune compromised. He doesn’t pose a risk to himself. If he has open draining grossness then sure, a bit riskier to other people, but day to day no biggie.

The good news is that this should never happen again. If we would have known that he was carrier he would have been treated differently. We would have taken him in sooner and he would have been treated immediately when we did take him in. That doesn’t mean that I blame any of the people we saw for not catching this, I’m just glad that we know now.

We’re home and our boy is back. He has a drainage tube still in that won’t come out until Monday so he is out of daycare until then. I officially run out of paid tomorrow off somewhere around noon tomorrow. Luckily, people at my work can donate time off and my boss said she has me covered.

It’s been a long few days. A long week. A long month. Our house is trashed. I have diapers soaking in the bathtub so we can’t take the showers we desperately need. The dog needs a bath. Pizza boxes are on the counter and the fridge is a mess of food planned for days ago. But we’re home. We’re healthy. We’re going to be okay.



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  1. Glad you know what’s going on and it’s not anything worse. Knowing is always half the battle and I’m sure you are relieved to know how to treat it in the future, way to go with your gut. I wish I could send a cleaning fairy to help you guys out, but we are fresh out of those over here!

  2. Oh dear. I can’t believe he has MRSA! Glad he is okay though! xoxo

  3. What a harrowing experience. Glad all is and will be well!

  4. Wow. Surprise! But answers and action are definitely an up side. Here’s to calmer times going forward. So brave, all of you.

  5. Glad your home safe friends. ❤️ I have never even heard of Mrsa.

  6. I so wish I could come wash diapers and cook you a meal. You must be so exhausted. At least you have answers. Poor little Gus. Thinking of you and hoping the weekend will give you a chance to rest and catch up at home.

  7. Ugh. I’m so sorry. I hope things turn around. It’s great that you are able to focus on the positives.

  8. I’m happy he’s home and on his way to recovery. The house will fall into place eventually. Pizza boxes are a lovely aesthetic, personally. 😉

    I have MRSA and I can tell you it’s been several years since I had an outbreak and now that I know how to treat it myself and how to spot it, it’s been even more years since it’s required medical intervention. If you have questions, feel free. (Also, the MRSA eats the fatty lipids under the skin where they grow so he may have a very small ident or feel like an empty hole. Totally normal and only if it’s a more invasive infection. You can’t see it in the surface usually. Just mentioning it in case you notice it and they didn’t tell you.)

  9. aw, geez. I’m glad to hear Gus is home and happy, and that you have support at work to stay with him. And, I also wish I could make you some food and do some dishes for you! I’m sorry things are tough and hope that everything is on the mend now!

  10. Oh I am so glad you are home and well. I can not imagine what that must have been like for you moms.
    Now does the daycare get notified that he had it and it could have been from there? Just curious how that works.

    • I called her last night and told her. She didn’t know much about MRSA so I gave her a brief run down and told her to let me know if she has questions. My biggest concern is people thinking he’s a risk all the time when that’s not true

  11. Holy smokes, glad they got it figured out, and glad you’re back home.

  12. Gosh your poor little dude! I’m glad he’s better now and that you have answers. Hopefully nothing like this happens again, but now you have the information in case it does to move right on to the appropriate treatment so it doesn’t balloon into something bigger like this. I bet the 3 of you are so happy to be home, even if there is a lot to do. There will be time to get it all back together, just enjoy some family bed cuddles for now.

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