We’re being admitted to the hospital so Gus can have surgery to drain whatever this thing in his armpit is. We don’t know much- our ped sent us and we’re in the car between the two.

This is so awful and so scary. Will update when more is known.


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  1. Oh god, I’m so sorry! I wish Gus a speedy recovery and I hope it’s not too hard on you two.

  2. You’re in my thoughts. Remember to ask tons of questions.

  3. Oh no:( you’ll all be in my thoughts tonight.

  4. Oh, no. 😦 I’m so sad to hear this but so glad you’re getting this treated. So terrifying for you guys!

  5. Oh wow. At least he’ll be feeling better real soon. And if you’re still breastfeeding you get the hospital meals since you’re his nutrition. 🙂

    Hang in there!

  6. Oh my gosh, I hope it is a quick and simple procedure. Your poor baby boy (and poor mamas!)

  7. Hang in there, Gus. I’m sure he’ll feel a lot better soon. And you guys hang in there, too. Thinking of you three.

  8. Gosh and good wishes. Quality medical care is a blessing, scary though the circumstances around it may be. Here’s to speedy resolution with good news at the end. Go, Team Gus!

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