A hopeful resolution

Sigh. This keeps dragging on.

After the ER visit from hell last night we all slept in today until a glorious 8:45. That would have been more glorious if we would have gone to bed before 12:30, Gus would not have often been up screaming, and if Gus would not have slept the last three hours with his entire body on my pillow but hey, beggars can’t be choosers. He woke upset and calmed enough to get some breakfast in him. It wasn’t until Lesley went to put him in some clean clothes after breakfast that we noticed the problem.

Gus’ armpit was extremely swollen.Just looking straight at him you could see it and it was hard, hot, and red. You may recall that one of the things I told the doctor in the ER was that his armpits were sore – he didn’t want to be picked up under his arms and wouldn’t lift his arms up when changing his shirt. It’s not uncommon to have sore lymph nodes in a cold so it was pretty much dismissed. This morning though we thought this seemed out of the ordinary. After some consultation with other mamas we contact our pediatric practice’s nurse line. I left a message and when the nurse called me back she opened with, “You’re not crazy, something is wrong, you need to bring him in.”

So this afternoon a trip to the third doctor this week. Sure enough, infected lymph node. I don’t know if I mentioned before but a week or so ago Gus got what appeared to be a pimple on his finger and then one on his wrist. Both got red and swollen and then popped and drained. The wrist one was worse and was really red and drained quite a bit of grossness. I told his ped about this wednesday and she instructed us to call back if he gets another one. It was the same arm as the armpit problem so maybe that’s connected, maybe it’s from being sick, or maybe it is just random. The doctor today said that while it doesn’t make a whole lot of sense from talking about exposure it would also be cat scratch fever. The antibiotic she gave us covers that, too.

So he started a five day antibiotic that should improve his mood, bring down the fever, and rid him of this infection. She is hoping because we caught it as soon as the swelling started that this will do it without lancing and draining it which, quite frankly, sounds really f-ing gross. The best part of this? Hopefully he will be fever free tomorrow and can go back to daycare monday. Ah, the joys this brings these working moms. We follow up with our ped on Thursday to make sure it is looking better.

On one hand I am a bit pissed at the ER doctor. We told her about the arm thing and she did not look at it at all. I’m going to guess with the amount of swelling this morning that if she would have pushed on it she would have been able to feel the difference. On the other hand, I get that the symptoms in it could have been just from the cold and in and of itself were not alarming. It is what it is. Mainly I feel totally vindicated. Maybe that is wrong of me but I feel so victorious. We knew something was wrong. We knew it was not just a cold. I know that the swelling today would have made it obvious but before the noticeable problem I knew something was not right with my child and I tried to tell someone. For that reason this experience has made me feel more like a mom than pretty much any part of the last 16 months.

Here’s hoping we’re onto better days!


  Swollen armpit 😦 


Poor babe-o.



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  1. I just want to hug him 😦 poor gus

  2. Oh poor little guy! My momma gut was on high alert too. I’m sick of doctors dismissing parents, especially when it’s their first kid. I hope it was still caught in time. I don’t know much about cat scratch fever, is that what they think it is? Testing for it? I’m really glad the nurse took your seriously and validated your concerns right off the bat. I checked back on here in hopes of an update before bed. I hope you all get better sleep tonight!

  3. Aww, sick kids always look so pathetic 😦
    I bet he will be (mostly) back to his usual tornado self by Monday, antibiotics are magical.

  4. Good work listening to your mama intuition. The past little while sounds absolutely miserable for all of you. I’m glad relief is on the horizon.

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