Y’all. Gus is so sick.

He’s had a cold for a few weeks. From what I can remember since around the 12th. It seemed like no big deal but keeps getting worse.

For the past week he has been up 5 to 6 times at night, screaming. Normally he wakes up about twice, needs to be rolled over, and goes right back to sleep. This is inconsolable (Thanks for the spell check trick, Shawni. πŸ˜‰ ) screaming for 20 minutes to a half hour. Doesn’t want to be picked up, doesn’t want to be left in his crib. Just pissed.

Wednesday our childcare was closed unexpectedly (another story for another day) so i took that opportunity to take him in to the doctor. No ear infection, no throat concerns. She gave us drops for his goppy eyes and that was it. Which was fine at the time – he has a cold, it will work out.

Despite a bad night Wednesday night we sent him to childcare on Thursday. We almost kept him home because he was struggling a lot in the morning but he got moving so we took him. He slept for an hour, woke up hysterical, slept for twenty more minutes and then lost his mind. Lesley had to go get him. Childcare said he was okay and participated in group activities before nap but was bad after.

So last night sucked and because he woke up at care with a fever yesterday he couldn’t go back today. Lesley stayed home with him this morning and is working this afternoon while I am home. Today he is beyond lethargic. He won’t move. There was a period of about half an hour where he was himself today and most of the day he just sits and zones out at a wall. He slept on Lesley pretty much until 10 and went back for a nap at 2. He’s barely moving when awake. Fever coming and going and, as a new fun thing, he acts like he is in pain if you pick him up under his arms and won’t lift his arms to take his shirt off.

We just don’t know what to do. 😦


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  1. Call the dr back now. Don’t hesitate to go to children’s hospital if you don’t hear from them or feel comfortable with their response

  2. How is his fluid and food intake? His wet diapers? The lethargic and turn for the worse makes me worried. If you have a pediatric ER, I’d go. Wallace got sick the day we moved to Chicago and I’m glad he got over it and it didn’t go bad. We still had Michigan Medicaid and it is a pain trying to get things paid for between states. Go for peace of mind and getting him checked out.

  3. Oh no! Poor Gus man 😦 If he wakes up still lethargic I’d take him in to Urgent Care.

  4. I agree with above. I almost never take them in but the lethargy would worry me enough to bring him in even if it’s just to get a good dose of fluids in him. Hope he heals quickly!

  5. My Gus was super sick last weekend too, and I was this close to taking him to the ER – in the middle of a blizzard, mind you. I was able to get in touch with the on-call pediatrician who said it was probably OK to wait until the next day and just come in for an office visit – but he specifically asked me if he was playful, not lethargic, etc., so that would concern me too.

  6. Under the arm pain smacks of swollen lymph nodes. Definitely mention it when you take him in. Let us know how it goes!

  7. Not sure if you’ve already taken him in, but is there a nurse line connected with either your children’s hospital or another? I’ve called before and they gave since good advice about when to make the call. I’m so sorry Gus is so sick and I really hope he’s on the mend soon.

  8. Poor boo. Poor mamas. I really hope things improve soon. Hugs to all of you. I have no advice, but I can just imagine how crazy I’d be in your shoes. Follow your instincts. You’re such a great mom.

  9. Aw, that is so rough for all of you. Poor little Gus, he’s usually such a firecracker, it’s awful to think of him being so lethargic that he doesn’t want to do anything. I hope he feels better soon.

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