Cabin fever

One of the reasons I know I could never be a stay at home parent is because I get terrible cabin fever. Even for a child weekends were tough for me – two whole days without having to leave the house for large chunks of them? What do I do!?

There are often things to be done and things we can do but this is also a place Lesley and I struggle. Lesley likes the outdoors and adventures and going out and doing things but she is not a planner. If I have an idea of something to do she is usually game but I have to figure it out and plan it. This is tiring for me – I often feel like I have to be “in charge” and activities are just another layer of that. (She would disagree with me having to be “in charge” – her thoughts are that I don’t trust she will get things done because she does not do them in my time frame. That is mostly true.)

Fast forward to today. It has been a long weekend. Gus is teething, has a cold, and had his first MMR shot on NYE which makes now the prime time for him to be sick from it. I got called from childcare around 11 am on Friday as a courtesy that he had a fever and if it hit 100 he had to be picked up. It was 99.2 so I just called it a day. By the time I got there 45 minutes later is was 99.4. I brought him home, he took a long nap, and we had dinner and a beer with a friend. (Sidenote – maybe it is wrong with me and crappy to everyone else but I like to go out with Gus when he is a little sick. When he is a little sick he is running at like 75% which is so much easier.) Yesterday we went to target to pick some things up and went to a park for a while but were home most of the day. (I should add somewhere in here too that Lesley has a terrible cough and as someone who hates mouth noises hearing someone cough makes me want to die.) Gus only slept about an hour which sucked and then he was up about 947 times during the night. When this morning he slept for an hour and then wouldn’t go back down I lost it.

Lesley and I disagree here. She says he only takes one nap a day so if he wakes up too soon we have to get him back down. I would normally agree but I cannot handle taking an hour and a half and then having him be up anyway. That’s what happened yesterday and again today. I am totally in favor have a routine and schedule so we can be flexible when needed – sick is when needed.

So anyway, after a terrible night and an hour nap I was unpleasant to say the least. I fed Gus lunch and then decided to take him and the dog for a walk. I get us all ready and the dog is a pain and won’t walk. After dragging him about a block I just turned around and came home. Pissed at everyone I just went in the bedroom and shut (slammed) the door.

So Lesley planned an outing. We went for a little walk at a nature park. It turned out to be longer than we expected and I didn’t know where we were going so did not bring the Tula, but we managed. Gus walked some and is getting a tiny bit better about holding hands. Everyone got some fresh air, I got a little sanity, and I don’t even mind that Lesley has been trying to get him down for a second nap that clearly isn’t going to happen for the last half hour.

Back to work tomorrow!



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  1. Oh, golly, I remember those days. Hang in there.

  2. Thank god for work tomorrow, right 😉

  3. Sometimes, on the really hard weekends – and I can’t believe I’m even typing this – Monday mornings are a welcome relief.

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