Day 1

Well, the boy started the new childcare today.

He did great at drop off (there were two toddler brooms so he was set), played hard, ate food, slept for THREE AND A HALF HOURS, played some more, and cried when we left. It was a good first day. He has earned the nickname “little tornado” because of the speed at which he can get into anything but he played nicely and all was good.

I feel a little bit like we hit the jackpot with this childcare. It is super affordable (In the daycare world, not in reality.), she is willing to do cloth diapers even though she has never before, all food is provided, and it gives him more interaction with other kids without the size of some of the centers we looked at (max she has 11 kids. One other adult, in the process of hiring a third). Gus seemed to like it and he seemed well taken care of. While I like the one on one he got with our sitter I think he is at the point where he will thrive around other kids.

So we are here. We solved the daycare crisis that has been weighing on me for months. He’ll go three days a week to new place, two will old sitter through January and then onto full time 2/1. I feel so much relief. Between this being done, my recent work to make peace with some other crap (the stuff talked about in the password protected post a while ago), and finally getting caught up on bills from being behind when Lesley changed jobs in September and basically missed a month of pay, I feel finally like my head is becoming clear. Plus, Tracy and family came for a play date this weekend so we got the house relatively clean. There’s still stuff to be done but I don’t hate the world when I walk in the door.

I didn’t realize how much I needed this. How shitty and stressful and sad last year was. I didn’t do a New Years post because I’m not big on resolutions or anything of that jazz but consider this that. I’m looking forward – leaving the past behind. So much bad and stressful shit is done and over – I hope the new year looks bright to you, too.


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  1. Maybe he will calm down a little at home since he’s getting a lot more interaction/stimulation during working hours 🙂

  2. Yay! So glad things went well at daycare. I hope it continues. You deserve a break! Our plan is to put C in daycare when she’s a year old and I can already tell based on how active she is that it’s going to be the right move for her. Some kids just need that stimulation and activity.

  3. Having a good daycare situation is such a relief. It is a nice feeling to know your littles ones are well taken care of and enjoying themselves and you don’t have to worry about them all day.

  4. Happy kid, happy moms, no last-minute scrambling – plus less money stress. It sounds like a perfect fit all around. I’ll raise a glass with you to an awesome 2016!

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