So, as I may have mentioned, we went a bit overboard for Christmas. A few months ago we found a hand built play kitchen base on a buy/sell/trade group and fixed it up and added to it. It came out pretty great, I won’t lie.

There’s room for the food under the tree on the shelves and room for some still on it’s way from grandma. He loved the kitchen.

It’s been a bit astonishing to watch him play with it. We knew that he wouldn’t be at a point where he would play “appropriately” with it yet but he loves to take things out and put them in and is very interested in it. It’s actually the thing we have seen him take the most interest in pretty much ever. We thought it would be way too old for him but it seems like it came at just the right time.

Along those lines, my dad (upon our recommendation) got him a kitchen helper. If you don’t know a kitchen helper (or learning tower, which is the major brand) is something that you can put up to the counter so your kiddo can be at counter height and help in the kitchen. It’s the same idea as a chair but closed in on all four sides. We thought this would be something that he would grow in to and in many ways it is but he likes it now. He can climb up into it all by himself and likes to watch what we are doing and I put up his kitchen stuff so he can move along with us.

It’s kind of blowing me away. I often realize suddenly that he’s ready for something that I had no idea he was ready for until there he is, doing it. Christmas has been a huge lesson in that – don’t underestimate the baby. We bought him big ole crayons today – we’ll see how that goes tomorrow!


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  1. That smile! Can it get any bigger?! lol What’s funny is we are doing the same. I had this touch screen toy phone on her list but it doesn’t handle being wet so didn’t think she’d be ok with it for a while. Turns out in the last week or so she’s stopped automatically putting phones in her mouth so the toy works perfectly now. She moves her little thumbs and it’s so freakin adorable!

    Now to go find one of those chair things for the new house.

  2. What a wonderful holiday surprise! Clementine’s big gift at her second Christmas was a play kitchen–so much fun!

  3. I think this is why I love toddlers so much. The mood swings suck, but seeing them all of a sudden doing stuff is amazing!

  4. Oh that kitchen helper….I went and looked at those and I need to get one. Play kitchens are the best and to watch them learn is even better.

    • I was a little skeptical about how much we’d love it (especially so soon) but they have a great resale value here so I figured it was worth the risk. I am pleasantly surprised. If nothing else Gus is doing a much better job waiting for dinner (and not just following us around screaming) when he can see what is going on.

  5. I just love that kitchen! You guys did an excellent job! He looks so cute!

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