Business vs. Personal

For ages now we’ve had a variety of childcare struggles. Our sitter being sick or inconsistent. Getting to her house and her not answering the door (she didn’t hear her door bell at her old house). Her moving from a convenient location to somewhere where I commute an hour to childcare and then work each morning and again each evening. We’ve ridden these waves and stayed with her for the last year.

She only works 4 days a week and does not want to work five. We’ve struggled to find a regular, consistent sitter for one day a week. Our latest was a lovely woman who went to Texas for two weeks around Halloween. She then stayed an extra month. She was supposed to be back today and upon asking this morning told me mid January.

So something has to give. While I love our regular sitter we can’t do this and we need five day a week care. That has proven to be hard to find in this town. I’m on five wait lists. I’ve talked to at least 10 people who are full and I didn’t bother with wait lists. After calling places again today we have two interviews for open spots this week, one at an established in home childcare and one, don’t laugh, at a Baptist Church. Both full time spots. Both in January.

I feel so bad about this. I feel bad doing this to our sitter (who is 7 months pregnant, by the way). I know she loves Gus. I am mostly happy with her care of him. Between now and the end of the year we suddenly have four days without childcare. A friend of a friend is doing two. Our friend over at Spoiled foodie is doing one (a day our babysitter told us she needs off last week due to a wedding – want to guess the chances she knew about said wedding before last week?). And Little Rainbow Bug and buggleboo  are doing the final day. I am so thankful to have these friends and community to help but this is beyond not sustainable. We need full time care.

So we’ll tour and hopefully one will be right. The at home we actually are really excited about which we did not expect. We’ll find Gus a new place, figure out the transition period, and move forward. This is sad for me and will be sad for him and his sitter, too. I feel so bad for doing this but remind myself it is business, not personal. She cannot work the schedule we need so we have to find someone who can. The added bonus is that both of these places are $250 a month cheaper.

Obligatory cute baby pictures:



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  1. It’s a job, not a favor she’s doing you. If you called in all the time, with the occasional no call-no show, would you get fired?
    I hope one of those places works out for you all!

  2. I’m glad you’ve figured out coverage for the random days! I totally agree–it’ll be hard, but it’s business. Really hope you end up liking BOTH day cares and that you end up having two good options to choose from!

  3. Finding consistent, reliable childcare is a headache everywhere, it seems! I got myself on seven wait lists when I was 6 weeks pregnant. 6 WEEKS PREGNANT!!! And even then, I had to call and hound all of them a couple months before I went back to work in order to make sure we had a spot. I really feel for you. This lack of consistency really wears you down.

    I hope you get a spot at one of those places and the days of back & forth and lots of driving will be but a distant memory.

  4. Also, can I just say – didn’t hear her doorbell? Did she not expect you around the same time every day? Geez, Louise.

  5. I am anxious to hear how the visits go.

  6. You don’t owe her anything. Even if you all had a written agreement/contract, you still wouldn’t owe her anything. She hasn’t been very professional and I have lost jobs over less than she has done. I like that you have tried to make it work and didn’t want to make an abrupt transition for the sake of Gus. As for the one day a week sitter, she clearly has no insentive to work and isn’t worth your time. I just wouldn’t even bother telling her you won’t be needing her. Wish I was there and could fill in or be your regular.

  7. I had to move Alice to a daycare when she was slightly older than 2 and it was the best decision. She is so much happier in the daycare center. In my case it was more expensive, but I know in August it will be hard to say goodbye when she enters kindergarten. It was hard to end things with our home provider, she did not take it well and there was nastiness, but I gave her 4 weeks pay when we ended our agreement and ultimately it was the right thing.

  8. Choosing a daycare is hard (just went through this ourselves) but when you see who social your kids get, how much their language develops, how their teacher become your extended family, you’ll see that it’ll be the best choice. And these places don’t make excuses about their doors not opening, they are licensed by the state and their care is usually up to par with how you would care for your kids. I have a feeling Gus will THRIVE in childcare and he’ll certainly be Mr. popular! I mean, look at him!? He’s awesome!

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