Bonus: Christmas pictures

a bonus post to share Christmas pictures. You’re welcome. 



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  1. These are the cutest photos I’ve ever seen and that includes every photo I have taken of my own children and I am not even sorry. 😉

  2. That is seriously so cute. Gus is just adorable.

  3. That’s the best idea!!!! So adorable! 🙂

  4. Oh my goodness, the full head-thrown-back laugh! That kid!! ❤

  5. Those are so cute!! Awesome photo idea.
    And he is starting to look so grown up!

  6. shut. up. These are the CUTEST!

  7. So cute! We bought a Little Tikes car a month back just so we could take this photo lol.

    • I bought ours this summer for this purpose. 🙂 Gus was actually in a grumpy mood that day but he had never been in the car before and because it was new for him he was THRILLED.

      • Man good idea, he’s been playing in the car at my parents’ house. I’ve been worried he’ll be in a bad mood, he was in a terrible mood last year for his photos.

  8. I can’t even take these pictures right now…Thanks for these!

  9. The awesomest.

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