The sweet spot.

I finally get why people have more babies. As Gus was an infant I thought “Yeah, the smell of their heads is nice” or “Sure, it’s great when they first smile” but I wasn’t so sure any of these were reasons to have a baby. But here, here on the brink of 14 months, I get it.

I feel like we’ve hit a sweet spot. The kind of sweet spot I am going to blog about which of course means that this next week is going to be torture. Gus is happy most of the time and so fun. He started dancing in the last month. He has new words all the time, today’s being “vacuum”. He’s smiley and lovey and gives kisses and plays games and all these things that make me want to do this every day forever.

Beyond that, he sleeps. He goes down easily. I only nurse him overnight at this point and he gets a pumped milk bottle at nap time and bedtime. His bedtime routine is bath, pajamas, book, bottle, bed. When you ask him where his bedtime book is he goes and gets it and goes to his chair. When they finish the book he points to the light and him and Lesley get up, turn it off, have the bottle, and then he falls asleep. Rarely tears, rarely asleep on the bottle. I’m much worse at this so for now, if she is home which she normally is, Lesley does bedtime. We decided that we would just have her do it for now as he’s doing so well with it. Naps are similar – a touch more fuss but easily down. At night he is sleeping one big 6-8 hour stretch. When he wakes up he comes to bed with us and then sometimes nurses only then and then again a little before waking up. Over this thanksgiving break we are going to work on getting him in his crib all night. We’ll see how it goes.

Everything just seems so magical these days. I know this will come and go – there will be easy and hard days. Even now there are some of both. But right now? Right now it’s pretty damn amazing. Now if only Lesley and I could stop arguing about dinner. (What are we having? Who is making it? Who was suppose to pull meat from the freezer in the morning? Why don’t we plan better?)


  Sleepy boy with his sweet little toddler pillow.
  Watching birds with his best kitty.

  Drooling and playing car ramp.
  The front page of Lesley’s babysitter packet she left when a friend watched him for the evening a few weeks ago. 🙂


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  1. Omg, that Pocket Guide to Gus is amazing. He’s a swell little dude. 🙂

  2. Haley and I agree we need a copy of that pamphlet.

  3. Isn’t it just the best stage. Our daughter is 15 months and we’re having so much fun. Everything is adorable.

  4. Aww, this is great! He’s an early talker, so I bet your sweet spot will last for about a year, maybe two!

  5. I was just saying to a friend that I look back on 14 months so fondly, and therefore worry that I’m misremembering how joyful it was! Thanks for reinforcing my hazy recollections. Glad you’re enjoying it. Love the pocket guide.

  6. I love him. What a sweetie.

  7. The sweet spots are so divine. I’m glad you’re enjoying it! Gus seems like such a cool kid. I wish I could meet him (and you and Lesley, obviously).

    We were in a sweet spot for quite a while and just the other day it all came crashing down. I remind myself that another sweet spot is just around the corner.

  8. OMG. The pocket guide to Gus is hilarious!

  9. I love the pocket book! He looks so happy!

  10. Ummm, a freaking pamphlet! I gotta get on that!!!!! Callie writes EVERYTHING down EVERY TIME someone watches the kids! And 3 kids come with lots of instructions, especially for a full day! YO! You gotta patent that!

  11. Alice is 4.5 and I always find myself saying “no, this is the best age.” I don’t think I’ve hit a bad age yet! (Maybe 18-24 months was the most challenging) I’m glad you are finding the joy in all the little things, kids are so awesome, but I think that your attitude towards being a parent and toward your kid is what sets the tone.

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