Winter camping with toddler: yay or nay?

lesley and I love to go camping over New Years. We’re debating whether or not to do so this year. We’d have the dog and there are two parks with dog friendly yurts available.

Park 1 we’ve been to. It’s on a lake about 20/30 minutes from the ocean. There’s a playground but old school metal a frame swing set kind. There’s a good tide pool spot at the ocean.

Park 2 we’ve not been to. It’s on a river and 30/40 minutes to a major town that is big (for Oregon) but probably not too much to do. I did some googling but couldn’t come up with many activities.

Gus needs to be kept busy. We’d do some hiking but likely in a carrier for him. Yurts are small. I’m worried we’d not be able to really keep him busy. If not raining we’d just play outside all bundled up. If raining we’d be screwed. Thoughts?


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  1. We attempted camping when Shawn was a toddler, we’ve also attempted camping with Leo at 8 months I thought it would be a breeze since he’s such an easy going guy. Both of which were NOT fun. Lol I think 3 was the perfect camping age. Just my personal opinion. We are avid campers, before the kids came we would go camping several times over the course of summer. This has been a huge set back for us. I still do day trips often, I just think overnight is a lot.

  2. We went camping over the summer for a friend’s wedding and it was difficult to say the least. During the day I was pretty much constantly chasing him to keep him out of the road and at night all he wanted to do was touch the fire. We’re also not exactly experienced campers so for all I know it didn’t have to be that way. I will say though, even though we didn’t get to use it, I was pretty proud of myself for buying one of those blinking lights meant for dog collars, just in case little feet managed to run off in the dark. (With the intention of clipping it to a belt loop, not putting a collar on my child, of course.)

  3. I’ll be the odd one out here and say you should go for it. We went camping with Ali several times over the summer so she was just a little older than he is, and had a great time. You just have to make sure your expectations match the reality of it, it’s not going to be like the good old days 🙂
    And if it ends up sucking really bad, just go home!

  4. My parents had me camping from the time I was Gus’ age. I think it could work. You can always pack it in if everyone is miserable!

  5. I think it sounds like my personal version of hell if it’s rainy, but I think I’d *still* give it a shot. You can always turn around and go home, right? It might end up being a lot of fun and you’ll make some good memories and start a new tradition w/ Gus.

  6. I say go for it! The truth is, there is only one way to find out. Not sure how cold it gets out there thought. Winters here are brutal! I know that my parents started my brother and sister camping when they were 3 and 15 months, and it was loads of fun for them. My parents? They never fail to tell us stories of how hard but how fun it was seeing the kids enjoy the outdoors, and their first smores (and hot pepperoni on skewers! LOL!). I say go for it! And the truth is, if you end up miserable, or Gus is miserable, you aren’t tethered to the site…you can always just pack up and cut the trip short…Have fun!

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