“He never stops”

Last night Lesley and I went out and left Gus with a babysitter. We take date nights few and far between but one of our favorite musicians (Natalia Zukerman)was in town and Lesley’s former boss and his girlfriend (mainly his girlfriend) have been begging to babysit so off we went to dinner and a concert.

We came home to find John (former boss) reading and Kelly (gf) asleep on the couch. Gus was fast asleep and when we asked how it went they muttered a phrase we’ve heard several times: “He never stops”. My mom mutters this every time we FaceTime. Lesley’s mom muttered it when she came to visit, as did my dad and his girlfriend. Sometimes we hear it from friends but mainly from people with grown children who stare at Gus wide eyed and slack jawed.

To say Gus is active is an understatement. I watch other babies play with toys. I hear about how friends’ babies watch tv. Gus runs non stop from one toy or book to the next. I’ve never really seen him sit and play with toys for an extended period of time. We don’t want him watching tv but I ask my friends, completely fascinated, how they get their babies to do it. This is why I struggle with having little help and family being 3,000 miles away – There is no down time with Gus. It just simply does not exist.

That being said, he is also so fun. He’s warm and loving and loves books (mainly reading two pages of them and then finding a new book). He is friendly to others and smart. He’s starting to learn his body parts, has a ton of words that really only we understand, and has so many cute tricks (my favorite being that when he is done eating he tries to get our hands and then claps mine and Lesley’s hands together to show he is done). We pulled out the 18 month developmental checklist the other day – at 13 months he’s pretty well crushed them all. So smart, physical and advanced. We’re pretty sure all this means is that he’s going to be the dude who loves jumping off cliffs. Sigh.



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  1. That tool kit is such a good find!

    • I planned to hide it for a bit but we showed him how to work the hammer and he totally gets it! He knows the other tools do stuff too but can’t quite figure out how to use them. I like his gigantic serious face in that picture. 🙂

  2. Melody watches tv intently only in her jumper. Otherwise she watches a bit, then goes onto a toy. She’s also very active. Have you tried a jumper? Maybe he’s getting a little too big for that, I have no clue since we’re only at month 9.

    • Oh yes, we had a jumper for a while and it was magical until he learned it is where we put him so we can do something else. It has moved on to a different home. 🙂 My guess is he’d just knock it over at this point anyway.

    • Also, her interest changes based on what she watches. She loves baby einstein and sesame street. But she likes the musical parts of sesame street more than the story since she doesn’t really follow the storyline. She will focus on good music videos, live music especially. Her favorites are Pentatonix, Idina Menzel, Jennifer Nettles, Pink, people who are really amazing. So she gets music video time. 🙂

    • lol I think it is less fun as they get able to run. What about one of those little kid trampolines with the bar for them to hold onto while they jump? Might wear him out a bit more.

      • I feel like those are such a hazard of tipping over onto kiddos but maybe I am paranoid. I’m not bothered by his energy level just kind of amazed by it. 🙂

      • Not all tv is bad. Many times when she’s watching something it’s because we need a break. But other times we’re actively engaging with her. My wife does music lessons. We know Melody doesn’t really understand what she’s saying, but she’s learning something. We sing and dance with her. Encourage her to play bongos, use the shakers, or her keyboard. It’s not passive screen use. I think that causes the bigger issue.

      • Whatever is right for other people is right for other people and that’s fine with me. We just don’t want to do tv.

      • Totally understand. If my wife and mother-in-law were perfectly healthy I’m sure it would be different. Well, for my wife at least. lol So we make compromises. Soon we’ll have a house so even more of her day will be spent outside where no tv reaches. 🙂

  3. That picture of him running down the sidewalk is absolutely the best ever. You need to enlarge that and frame it.

  4. Love that gray sweater romper! Once Wallace got pretty well caught up, he was constantly on the go. He will now sit and read by himself or play with something specific but he is pretty high energy. One day, Gus will amaze you by doing one thing for 20-30 minutes or letting you read a book all the way through, 8 times in a row. I’m with you on the no Tv and I love it. I don’t waste my time on it and my kid knows how to entertain himself.

  5. Aww, he’s starting to get his little boy face! You can really see it in the tool bench pic 🙂
    I feel you on the high energy kid thing. It’s exhausting at times but I wouldn’t have it any other way. For Ali, once she really mastered the gross motor stuff by 18ish months, she really slowed down and started focusing on fine motor and learning shapes, counting, sorting kind of things. Maybe Gus will too!

    • I totally agree about the not having it any other way. He is exhausting, yes, no doubt about that, but super fun and entertaining. I love watching him explore and learn to do things. I hope he follows Ali’s trajectory though….

      • I bet he will 🙂
        You interested in a couple toy suggestions that caught Ali’s attention and got her to sit her little ass still at about his age?

      • Mega Blocks were a big hit, so were the wooden table top sized unit blocks. Oh, and the bigger foam blocks as well. So, really, all the blocks…
        I cut a little hole in the top of a coffee can and she loved to push those little craft pom poms into it, it’s a quick and easy little activity to set up.

      • So what you’re saying is I should just get out the large set of foam blocks we have along with the set of wooden blocks in the box still and the tegu blocks my mom got him for his birthday? I’ll try the pom poms, too!

      • Id hold back on the tegu for a while, those things are too expensive to be chewed on! But yeah, I bet he would like to build a tower and knock it down. Repeatedly. forever.

      • Yeah, the tegu blocks are currently stored with the kinetic sand mom got him for Christmas…

      • Hehe, yeah, I’ve been restraining myself from buying kinetic sand. It probably wouldn’t be as digestible as all the play dough she eats…

      • She also got the ‘learning resources farmers market’ play food set around his age, and liked to put the food in and out of the baskets. It has a lot of pieces to clean up, but it’s one of the toys that she still plays with a year later so it has room to grow with the kid.

      • Good to know! We’re making him a kitchen for Christmas which is a bit old for him in my mind but with his birthday in October it’s kind of now or next year for a big gift and we’re asking family for play food and such including a shopping cart which may just end up being the biggest mistake I have ever made.

      • Ha! I hate asking for toys since I’m so picky about them 🙂

      • I mayyyyyybe made an amazon wish list and sent it to our parents. (I definitely did this.)

      • Ha! I did that too, but they didn’t use it last year.

      • I had another thought while picking up the play room…you might already be doing this, but instead of trying to read a story book with him, try just going through books like ‘First 100 Animals’ or ‘The Big Book of Trucks’ or whatever you have that is just pictures of stuff. I’m really partial to the priddy books, I think they have the best photos and layouts. She just recently has been able to actually sit down and read a book with me, and still nothing much longer than The Big Blue Truck.

      • Yeah, he has a book of “baby’s first words” he loves that is just pictures and the words for them. I’ll have to observe the difference in attention spans!

  6. That one of hum running kills me!
    – Cade

  7. That first picture and the pure joy and excitement on his face is priceless! Super cute!

  8. It’s true, the running picture is amazing. He is definitely sounding his barbaric YAWP!

  9. Constant movement is one of the reasons I’m so grateful we have a small house, and Darwin is less constant that Gus most of the time.

  10. Oh, I feel your pain/joy! That top picture is the best. Ever. 🙂

    Our sanity saving toys are Duplos and the other kid – it can be harder to parent when only one kid is awake and the other’s napping. No suggestions on the tv thing though, our kiddos are equally uninterested. The other day I tried to get them to watch a Sesame Street episode (nope), Carebears (nope), and a random documentary about creatures of the deep ocean (eek). The last one held them rapt the longest, but still only maybe a minute. Also it will probably haunt their nightmares, whoops. They aren’t interested in sitting still and watching a screen, which is ok because we don’t want tv to be a big part of their lives anyways because it’s not a big part of our lives. As they get older, books do work more and more – although it doesn’t keep them still for too long, at least not yet with W (unless a mom is reading to them).

    Like you said though, wouldn’t have it any other way. Kids that never stop are exhausting but they fill each & every day with their joie de vivre and there really is never a dull moment.

  11. Echoing others–I am blown away by the joy in that first photo. But HOW is he so grown-up already? Are you sure that’s the same kid as that baby you used to post about?!

  12. If we didn’t live on opposite coasts we’d have to get Gus and Brian together and they would have a blast together. My parents watch him and every day when I pick him up they say “he’s a busy guy.” Glad you are having fun, good luck with the climbing though. I say every weekend that I just want to take him to a padding room where he can just throw himself around and climb to his little heart’s content.

  13. What brand is that tool bench? I am looking at different tool set toys for Wallace. He loved one at a friend’s house.

  14. That pic of him running is EVERYTHING! I get a great idea of the kid of kid he is from that shot…and it’s freaking awesome! Noah is the same way. Levi is content with just sitting and playing, with the same toy, for hours! Noah, yeah, no! He is a hot mess that crawls around everywhere, can’t sit still and plays with toys and books for like 5 seconds before he’s over it. My mom said my brother as like that, and that it changes. TO me, they are super fun when they are that active! Especially when their energy leads to such great pics!

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