for the first time since December 21st, 2013 I have just started my period.

I’m not ready! This is unfair!


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  1. ICK. BOO. May it be light and fast.

    • I’m a bit terrified. I feel like I should be exempt because no more babies.

      • Yeah. I always used to get through my worst cramps by thinking “well, at least it’s indicative that I might be able to have a kid some day.” That doesn’t work so much anymore. I started having somewhat of a cycle 8 months after Darwin was born, but as yet it’s been little more than spotting each month. I dread the day it comes back en force. I may just keep nursing/pumping forever…

      • Yeah, I’m hoping this just stays at spotting level. I’d gladly take nursing forever over a full on period.

  2. Nooooooo! About time, though. I was lucky mine was gone until 10 months considering I had to supplement at 9 weeks. It took a long time for them to be regular but they are much easier than they were before pregnancy.

  3. Noooooooo! I feel for you!

  4. That suuuuucks. I agree with others, mine has been a lot better after baby than it ever was before, if that counts for anything.

  5. I literally had the same reaction when mine came back.

  6. Girl, I started bleeding yesterday. 11 weeks postpartum. Talk about unfair. I feel totally cheated.

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