The good stuff.

Sometimes when I read comments a day or two after writing a post I realize that my posts tend towards the negative. There are a few reasons for this but one main one is that my blog is my vent place. It’s where I talk through things a bit more than anything – things I’ve often over processed in true lesbian fashion with other people. It builds up and builds up and then something happens that tips it over and I come here to write about it.

The other reason is that I really try to keep things real. I try to be honest about the struggles of motherhood – of balancing a career and family, of living far from family, of little support. All those things. I worry that I am negative but then days like today happen. I got an email from a reader saying, “Hey, we totally relate.” I then got a call from a new mom friend. One of our good friends far away whose wife had a baby about a week ago. Her wife is struggling with early breastfeeding, dealing with the body stuff that comes with giving birth, wondering what to expect. It was a 45 minute conversation that involved me repeating, “That’s totally normal”. It was a lovely conversation – it made me realize how much of those early days I remembered perfectly even though they seem far away. I was so glad to be able to talk to them, to assure them, to make them know they are not alone. That’s why I am honest.

But I realize that sometimes I leave out the good stuff. Because in the moment I am totally wrapped up in the good stuff. Gus makes me smile bigger and more frequently than I ever knew was possible. He’s up early and while I am grumpy about that at 5:30 the mornings are my favorite time with him and his little excited face. I love our weekends together and to see the new things he is up to. This weekend his new stuff is:

When he points to things he wants he then smiles and points to himself. Like point to banana, then Gus. Gus gets banana? He did this in the candy aisle at the grocery store. He did not get candy but he will get whatever he wants this way. Of course normally his pointing isn’t too accurate so we have no idea what he is after (always food).

He will walk backwards a little bit. When he wants to sit on something (mainly the dog bed) he turns around, backs up, and sits down. This is ADORABLE and he will also do it to me if I am sitting on the floor and he wants to sit on my lap. Heart melting adorable.

He gives kisses. You have to ask about 75 times and pucker your lips but then he will put his mouth on yours. Normally it is his wet slobbery open mouth and it ends with him biting you but still adorable.

So that’s what I got this weekend. Smiles and points, a lap sat in, and bite kisses. This parenting gig ain’t all bad.

PS-12 days until I have a one year old. How did that happen?


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  1. That’s totally normal! To have this space for venting, that is πŸ˜‰

  2. The pointing, walking backwards, and kissing – all ridiculously cute, and made me smile.

    That said, one of the things I love about your blog is your honesty about the hard stuff. As much as I like hearing about the good, hearing about the difficult things is thought-provoking and really helpful for me as a reader whose child is a year younger than yours. Our personalities are similar in a lot of ways, and you’re kind of a role model mom to me (as I’m sure you are to many others!). So please know that even if it feels like negativity, to me it sounds like healthy processing that probably a lot of readers are benefiting from reading, and I never think of it as sounding particularly negative. Parenting is hard, and it is good to hear that it is hard for other people too, and how they deal with that.

    • Aww, thanks. I’ll keep posting the hard stuff, too but just sometimes feel I don’t include the good enough. I have connected on facebook with a lot of bloggers so they see the good and bad day to day, too but need to remember to throw some good in here. πŸ™‚

  3. Oh, the open-mouth kisses! I had almost forgotten about those! Thanks for keeping it real and sharing the good stuff πŸ™‚

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