A big change.

An update: Gus is on the mend. Last night he slept better and I feel slightly human. Our self diagnosis is that he got roseola. We also discovered this week that he needs to be moved up to the next slot for his car seat straps so there was a growth spurt in there. And he has the entire outline of a top tooth that is going to bust through any minute. So in one week we had a growth spurt, an illness, and teething. Super.
As for the tomatoes: We have completed 17 quarts of whole tomatoes, 31 half pints of salsa, and 8 pints of enchilada sauce. We have one more round of enchilada sauce to go and then the rest are going to be diced tomatoes. With any luck they will all be done tomorrow.

About a month or so ago Lesley applied for a full time job at the local university. A friend works in a neighboring department and put in a good word and also helped Lesley with the application. While we were in Michigan she got called for an interview and had one when we got back. At the interview she was super awkward and thought it was pretty much over. She got an email they were calling her references so we knew she was still in the running. Tuesday she got a job offer.

Our plan had been to work towards her decreasing her hours so this is pretty much the opposite of that. But it is such an amazing opportunity. She’ll like the job – it’s not totally what she wants to do long run but she’ll do fine and she’ll be in the university system and can move around in the future if she wants.

This new job brings a few bad things and many good. The first bad thing is that one of us is currently home with Gus three afternoons a week and we will lose that. That also means increased childcare at an increased cost. So those things suck and are a bit of a hard pill to swallow. But the good far outweighs the bad: Benefits which she doesn’t really have now (including paid time off!), no more working Sundays (which she currently does), and long term University employee’s kids go to school cheap.

The biggest benefit of this job is the pay. It’s not so much that she is making more than her current jobs but the long term earning potential. She’ll continue to get raises and when we both reach the top of our page ranges we’ll be doing well. We’ll be doing well before then, too but with paying childcare costs equal to our mortgage payment sometimes I forget that. We’ll have a bit more money in our pocket each month now and as we get debt paid off will be doing even better. That’s still a long ways off but we’re making our way there and this job gives me reassurance that we can get there.

So good job to m’lady. I’m excited to get our weekends back!


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  1. Congrats to L! I work for the University of Toronto and the benefits of working for a university are just so, so worth it. I will never leave (though it is a bit of a golden handcuffs situation, I’ve heard). This is a great thing for your family. Celebrate!

  2. So glad to hear Gus is doing better! And WOW, congrats to Lesley! What’s the actual work going to be?

  3. Congrats to Lesley on the job! That’s pretty awesome!!! And hooray to shared weekends!! That was always super hard for us. This is a pretty great thing for you guys (and the added income is dope!). Cheers friends!

  4. That’s so fantastic! Big changes! Weekends as a family are totally worth the increased child care.

  5. Having two full days together as a family makes such a difference. Congrats! And, glad to hear your little guy is doing better πŸ™‚

  6. That’s so wonderful, congratulations to Lesley! Will her benefit package include a flexible spending account for daycare costs?

    • I think so and actually think mine does to but our sitter doesn’t pay taxes so I always kind of assumed we couldn’t use it until he was in a center. Maybe that is wroth looking into?

      • Yeah, I don’t know how it works either. Right now my parents are doing the childcare, but we will be shopping around for daycare providers probably this winter, which also corresponds with our benefit enrollment time so I am counting on the FSA to be the magic answer to not going 100% broke on childcare.

      • If I learn more I’ll fill you in if you do the same. πŸ™‚

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