Urgent care and tomatoes

One of my biggest concerns about becoming a parent was that I am not a patient person. I knew this, Lesley knew this, and we forged ahead. This negative trait of mine shines especially bright when someone I love is sick. When Lesley is sick I can be caring for two days. No more than that. After two days I am annoyed. We have stuff to do, she’s not helping out, and I just have to sit around all day. I didn’t know what this would mean with a child. Would I make it past two days?

We are on day four of Gus being sick. Two days is all I can take.

In the middle of the night Wednesday he was tossy and turny and felt warm. We dosed him with some motrin and went back to sleep. I didn’t even take his temperature which shows that I can make as many rules as I want about when I will medicate my kid and when I won’t but at 2:30 in the morning if motrin will get him back to sleep motrin it is. Come Thursday morning we sent him off to Tracy’s and went to work. When we got there to pick him up around lunch time he had just gotten motrin dose two. He woke with a fever, became fussy and super clingy, and we got there just in time to take him home before poor Declan lost it over Gus hogging his mama. Lesley was home with him in the afternoon, the fever persisted, he stayed grumpy. Thursday night was bad, Lesley stayed home Friday and I came home at lunch time, and we dealt with a fussy baby who would only nap being held and moped around the rest of the time.

Here is where we made a major mistake. We chalked this all up to teething. When we saw his pediatrician on the 4th she said 6th tooth would come any day. We saw his gums and agreed. This was worth than his normal teething, sure, but it was about to pass as the tooth popped out. We figured it would only last a little longer and went to a local farm and bought 63 pounds of tomatoes to process over the weekend. We added these to the roughly 30 pounds at home we had already picked up. No problem, we thought.

Friday night we went back to Tracy’s to have dinner with their family. He was okay through dinner and a little playing and then crawled in my lap right there and went to sleep. We came home and things were less than awesome. Saturday: mostly terrible without a fever but with a first birthday party for some of his buddies thrown in. Saturday evening: terrible. Sunday morning: Started off okay, still no fever. Waa waa but we were surviving. We took our usual 3 mile walk that we take on Sunday’s to meet Lesley at her work and come home with her. When we got to her work I noticed a rash on his face. We took the dog home and Gus to Urgent Care.

The good news is there is nothing super wrong with him. The NP we saw looked him over, swabbed him for strep just in case (negative), and sent us on our way with instructions to keep him hydrated. We came home and he took a three hour nap. He woke up in a worse mood than he went down in (which was pretty freaking bad).

I’m just no good with this. He basically is crying whenever anything slightly bad happens which is not his style. He =’s walking and falls on his butt? Cry. He can’t figure out how to put a toy in a bucket? Cry. I stop him from doing something? Cry. Cry. Cry. He won’t nurse or take a bottle (although he nursed well before I got him down for the night tonight) so when he is not screaming in my face I am pumping because I have to. Guess what he does while I pump? Cry.

Lesley is much nicer and more patient than me but at the end of her rope, too. She’s held him through many naps (now he is back to napping on his own, thank goodness) and has sang songs to him but one can only take being grumped at for so long and we have hit out limit.

Tomorrow my dear sweet wife is staying home with him again. I don’t have the time off or it would really be my turn. After being grumped at by him since Thursday afternoon (except for some breaks today to go to work and play hockey) I am not sure how she does it. I don’t know what we’re going to do if he does not start feeling better soon.

As for the tomatoes? We got about 30 pounds done. They are canned and on the table. They are the whole tomatoes which take the longest to process but in some ways are the easiest work. By Tuesday night we need to have salsa and enchilada sauce done because these tomatoes won’t last. It’s at this point in the post I have so much to say about wishing we had help or family near by or a stronger community and how I miss my best friend and wish we didn’t live on opposite coasts and that our closest friend here wasn’t allergic to all our animals and that our other closest friend who would be here helping with everything didn’t move back to stupid canada but that pity party is a post I’ve written and am too tired to write now. Instead I’m going to enjoy the momentary quite, finish my glass of milk which doubled as my dinner, and go to bed because while two is my limit for how many sick days I can handle I’m still Gus’ mom tomorrow on sick day five.


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  1. twomamasonebaby

    I’m sorry it’s been rough! Here’s to better baby health. Please let me know if we can do anything for you (aside from procuring that time machine). Hang in there, mama.

  2. Ugh, hopefully he will be on the mend soon!
    Lack of community really sucks, I think about it a lot too. I would totally come hang out with your sick kid, or help you through those tomatoes if I could!

  3. It is so hard when they’re sick. Harder still when you have no one to come help. Been there, hated that. I understand this well. And when his health comes back (and it will!), you’ll all feel a relief like no other.

  4. Sounds like how viruses run at this age with the fever and rash. I hate it when these things drag on but it’s the sleep deprivation that gets me. Wallace has had a couple ear infections and a couple viral things that hit him hard. He wouldn’t sleep with the ear infections. It was horrible and medicine didn’t help. I hope Gus’s mood improves today and he kicks the last of this.

  5. I hope today is a better day. Maybe escaping to work will be good for you! I wish we lived closer! I’d be happy to help you out with those tomatoes!

  6. Ugh. Good luck and good health to all of you!

  7. Oh no! Sorry that Gus is feeling so terrible. I hate when they get sick, because EVERYONE gets sick (and tired!)…the crying is hands down the worst…I’m like you! I can only handle but so much whining and crying, from ALL my kids and my wife. So i sympathize with you there friend…i know the struggle…hope it all gets better soon!

  8. Hey, just stopping by to say that I’m sorry to read you guys are having a tough time – he’ll be better soon. I am
    Going to go back through the posts to see if I can work out what the tomatoes are about..! I know how you feel about distant friends – I lived abroad for a long time and with twins all but local travel is extremely tiring! X

  9. Aw! Sorry he’s not feeling well. I sure do hate when kiddos get sick – that helpless feeling you get, ya know. I am sorry you guys are having a rough time. Hope he gets to feeling better and you guys gets back to normal!

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