A toddler

I realized when composing this post in my head that I don’t know when a baby really becomes a toddler. Like all important questions in my life, I asked wikipedia.

So a toddler is a kid from one to three, sure, but if you look at the milestone lists that characterize a toddler we’ve checked them all off, save one – saying three words. At ten months old, I think we might have a toddler.

While on the vacation from hell, Gus started taking a few steps. We expected this – it was long my guess that he’d start to walk in Michigan. Last week these steps became more – we no longer count to see the record for most amount of steps taken. Saturday he figured out how to stand up in the middle of the floor – our seemingly last obstacle. Yesterday I noticed that he is putting his arms down when he walks.

It’s mind blowing how fast this happened and much he improves every day. We’ve never had him wear shoes (he had a few pairs he wore a couple of times but he hated them and we felt it was better for him not to wear them so didn’t push it) so now we have to work on that. He’s not steady enough to be walking on pavement yet. YET. That will come soon.

In addition to walking he’s developed many other skills. He waves which is adorable and floppy. He points at stuff although it’s not a finely honed skill quite yet. And most fun for moms, he learned how to open cupboards. I really didn’t want to baby proof but came out of the bathroom the other day to find him under the sink chewing on cleaning bottles. The cabinet locks arrive today.

The good news for us is he is not that destructive. Our entertainment center is shelves with many board games at his level – he hasn’t touched them. He doesn’t pull stuff out of drawers – of which we have many he could reach and open. He has even chilled out on pulling ALL of his books off the shelves. I know that this can (will) change but I am enjoying it now.

I love watching all this stuff happen. I love thinking about what will happen next. Did you know that a developmental milestone between 12-14 months is hugging a stuffed animal? Be still my ovaries.

  Figured out the cat door.
  His new toddler Tula. 


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  1. Yay walking!!! I count walking and exploring that toddler stage, then it just keeps getting better from there! Is he so big already that he fits the toddler tula? I think I read it is meant for 2T pants size. Also, I run a breastfeeding group on fb if you are interested.

    • The toddler is a little big for him. The recommend 25 pounds, 32 inches and he’s 23 pounds 9 ounces and 30 inches. We bought it not expecting to use it yet but sold our standard because he’s easier to contain in the toddler. He likes to flail a lot so wasn’t super great on our backs. The seat hits him at his knees so his legs can still bend so I’m calling it good.

      Yes! I want you breastfeeding group info!

      • I like higher back panels for the leaning and flailing. As long as his knees bend comfortably, I agree! The group is extended breastfeeding and gentle weaning support group. Lindsay is in it too.

  2. That’s so awesome that he’s walking! 10 months! Sheesh!!!

  3. twomamasonebaby

    His mobility amazes me! You definitely have a toddler on your hands. 🙂

  4. Carter was a non destructive and tidy explorer, i wish you the same because it is wonderful!!!

  5. He’s such a quick learner! Brian started hugging his stuffed animals (and us more) it is a really heart melting milestone.

  6. The cat door, that is awesome! M hasn’t hugged any stuffed animals yet, he does feed his baby doll though. I can’t wait for the hugging. 🙂

  7. I loved my Gus’ first real shoes from Stride Rite, if you’re looking for a good pair to try. They have a line for early walkers with really flexible soles. Gus never complained about wearing them.

  8. Oh man, he just is so cute I don’t know what to do with it. He always looks so happy and content with you guys. What a great family.

    Thatcher walked at ten months. It was a lot. We were stuck between needing shoes with stability and needing something he could actually lift! We went with toddler Vans. They were light enough but had a solid sole. He also has ridiculously chubby feet and they had a lot of give.

  9. Alice walked around that time too but it wasn’t until around 11 months that she was running so we had some time to adjust. (I remember being in the airport in late May chasing her around.) One thing to be prepared for, often kids excel in one area: gross motor or verbal and they lag in the other. This is totally normal. In my group of friends with kids all born about the same time most of our kids were of the gross motor variety. There were two that were the verbal variety. So Alice was walking at 10 months, and had one word at 12 months (cat) but was very slow to add new words to her vocabulary. We even had her tested at 2 because of how behind she was (she’s fine). And another friend had a son who was speaking very clearly at 12 months but couldn’t walk until 18 months. This is all anecdotal, but their brains are working so hard in one area don’t worry if he lags behind in another.

    • Our pediatrician warned us about this which was good but it’s nice to hear about the timing stuff. Gus has gross motor down and is pretty good with fine motor but I definitely see him being behind verbally. He makes a lot of noise and it is all appropriate babble and what not but he does not have words (sometimes he can repeat something but it’s nothing consistent). I haven’t been worried about this but for sure notice as I look at the next developmental skills questionnaire that it’s the one place he is not excelling. I’ve been wondering when I should be worried about everything being crossed off. Alice has a just fine vocabulary now. 🙂

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