day 12 of trip: The day we decide we are never again coming to visit our families.

More to come.


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  1. Oh no! I hope it’s not really that bad! You were so excited for this trip!

  2. Oh no! Well, come visit me? Lol

  3. Well clearly we should bring beer and or liquor and a babysitter down when you get home. Family. Ugh.

  4. HA! That day always comes when I’m visiting family, too. And yet I find myself going back again and again.

  5. lifeasagaymom

    Not sure if my comment posted. But ohhh noooo!! I hope this was a manic heat of the moment blog.

  6. At least you made it to day 12! Jen and I usually say that at about hour 4 when we visit my family 🙂

  7. twomamasonebaby

    2 weeks is a loooong time. We were gone for 9 days on our last trip to CA and we’ve decided to cut that significantly the next time.

  8. I could never make it two weeks with family. Good lord, y’all are brave. Or out of your heads. In either case, I salute you.

  9. Oh boy…sounds awful….two weeks is a long time to be away from home, so that in itself would be enough for me…sorry things are shitty…

  10. I feel like that around day 3 of my trips back to Michigan. I managed to go 3 years between trips last time. I texted my friends and told them that if I ever talk about going back to michigan again to take my keys away from me and tie me to a chair so I can’t leave again. I can’t even imagine what day 12 would look like, but there would probably be blood.

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