Roses and Thorns

I think of this blog land often and wonder what to write. I feel like so much of what runs through my head is just a repeat of things I have said. I apologize for what’s to come if that is the case. Here is a real time breakdown of what is up in my land.

Milk. My milk supply majorly dropped a while ago. We had to use some freezer milk and when I got it out I realized because I have donated so much I kept very little in the freezer. We got down to our last bag. Supply has picked up and that’s good but one day last week I forgot to put the milk bag in the freezer when we got home and the next morning had to pour out 20 ounces. I’m back to one freezer bag but pumping more. Every time I think we catch up Gus eats more. I’m waiting for this to get better.

Teeth. Gus now has three teeth. Mr. Three Tooth we call him. We think four is right behind it and with the level of distraught he has been I wouldn’t be surprised if 5 and 6 show up, too. Three came on the bottom, not the top.

Childcare. I love our nanny. She can’t deal with how distraught Gus has been the last two days concerning bottles/nap (he really only bottles to nap there so it is a combination). She told me today that she doesn’t know that she can do this. I’ve been on the verge of tears from panic all day.

Work. I’m so far behind but making moves to catch up. I miss him so much while at work I can’t focus. Also I am very tired and can’t focus. I find myself while walking down the halls imagining his weight in my arms. They feel empty without him. I need to catch up.

Vacation: Good, sure, but we have to pack and Lesley needs to finish making a baby gift. We leave in 50 hours. I work 24.5 of those hours. Somewhere in there errands need to be run and dog needs a bath.

Mr. Three Tooth’s three tooth smile.

We had people over this weekend so our house is clean.

Rumor has it Gus started clapping today. I haven’t seen it and won’t see him awake and happy until tomorrow morning but I can’t wait to see it.

I sold a bunch of our favorite baby clothes and made some bank. (I held on to some special ones, too) This allows me to, of course, buy more baby clothes.

I made a new mom friend I really like.

We’re going to see our families on Thursday. This has bads, too, but maybe means that I can sleep for a few hours without a baby attached to my boob? Teething, dudes.

Time to go file 3 months worth of paperwork.


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  1. Have you tried power pumping?

  2. I would miss that face while I’m at work too. Working moms have to be the strongest, we would be poor if it was my responsibility to work 😦 I’m so attached I can’t even imagine leaving my kids for a few hours, but then again it prob feels really good to unwind at work and have a different scene. Bitter sweet about being a sahm. I would power pump like recommended above in the comments. Also, I seriously recommend lactation tea. You can buy it at target, Walmart. I forget the exact name, I will look it up and get back to you. I believe it was fenugreek? Anyhow, most people think to drink a cup or two a day. Which isn’t the case, in order to seriously increase your supply, drink 4-5 times a day for two to three days. You will see an increase after day two. It’s well worth it and all natural. It ALWAYS worked for me. I swear by the stuff. Okay my adhd kicked in, the name is “mothers milk” herbal tea supplement. It’s cheap too. Try and hang in there… least your house is clean right? :):)

  3. Oh man, I hope your babysitter pulls through! Maybe your upcoming vacation will give her enough of a break to get over it. From the babysitters perspective, I will say that I need some sort of fairly significant break every 3ish months. Otherwise I start getting burned out on the kids, and get moody and snappy with them. Maybe you can think about setting something like that up for the long term?

    • Well she was just off for a week or two in June because she got married. Since she came back things have been rough – he never adjusted back well but the screaming is new. I think once she gets in the new place we can rebuild all of this and then yes, a break is nice. She’ll get a good one around Thanksgiving and then Christmas and then she’s pregnant so will be off for a while in Feb-March. Making sure that break is there is a good idea though!

      • Oh she’s pregnant! Who knows how she’s really feeling then (least of all her!).
        When Ali was in daycare, I thought the lady’s time off was a bit excessive, but now I get it.

      • Yes – and, in all fairness, when we picked him up she apologized for losing it earlier.(meaning telling me she doesn’t think she can do this.) She is pregnant AND moving so I feel her – I just don’t know how concerned to be about her frustration.

      • I think an honest conversation should be had, just so you feel better about it all.
        On another note, do you know what’s different about her place that’s making Gus not adjust well? Or is it just the teething that’s got him riled up? I don’t know how you feel about medicine, but ibuprofin worked wonders for Ali when she was popping teeth constantly.

      • My guess is her six year old daughter who is home for the summer and Gus ADORES.

        We use ibuprofin but he is has been totally fine until nap the past couple of days. Maybe tomorrow I will suggest she preemptively gives it to him a half hour before nap. I don’t want to over medicate him but…

      • Cant hurt to try! I did that with Ali and the guy I babysit, it helped a lot.

  4. Oh man, dumping milk just tears me up, I’m so sorry! Safe (and perhaps, hopefully relaxing?) travels!

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