Happy July, y’all!

July is by far my favorite month. I feel like it is magical and there is just so much to look forward to.

Lesley and I started dating in July many moons ago. Each July takes me back there – to that magic of new love and the start of something big. And fireworks. I love fireworks and our relationship is tied up in them.

The first time we hung out was in the small town 4 hours away from where both lived that our moms live in. We technically met at the lesbian bar in our home city but her mom lives in a town where my mom had just bought her retirement home. It’s a small town of 2,513 and both our moms live there. We hung out alone together there for the first time, meeting for drinks, having my mom buy her many long islands, a walk to the lighthouse, and a fist bump to say goodnight. It was the weekend before 4th of July. 4th of July was on a Monday, we both ended up back home at the lesbian bar. We watched the fireworks downtown from the parking lot with friends. I gave her half my twix bar.

Our first date came a week later. Officially together the week after that. the week after that she was back in that small town. There is a big festival and an epic firework display. I surprised her there. We watched fireworks and drank beer on the beach and everything was magic.

I love fireworks. I get how they happen but I feel like they are the closest thing to magic that exists. We aren’t doing anything for fourth of July. It is hot here and we have this baby and we’ll sit on the porch and see what we can see. But at the end of the month we’ll be in Michigan. We’ll be in our moms small town to watch the fireworks. We plan to put Gus to bed at his normal time and then pick him up, slide him in his carrier, and walk downtown to see the sky light up. (He has noise canceling ear muffs, don’t worry.) I don’t know if he’ll like it but I sure hope he finds the same magic in July that I do.


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