A few notes and then boob stuff.

First: Anyone else notice WordPress’ rainbow header today? That’s nice.

Second: I love this blog community. I love that I can write posts about things that are hard and have so much feedback that says, “Yeah! Us too!’ I started this blog as a TTC blog and didn’t know what path it would take when Gus was born. What I realized is that my main goal, both here and anywhere I have a public presence, is to normalize motherhood. I talk about the good and the bad and want people to know it all and to know they are not alone. I think I tend to share more of the hard stuff here although I try to do it on facebook (but maybe with a less serious tone there) too. A friend of mine asked me lately if I think I struggled with postpartum depression. I was taken a back at this. She said after reading some old blog posts she wondered. I don’t think I did at all. I think some parts of motherhood are really magical and some are really terrible – unfortunately, most people don’t talk about the terrible. I love that this space is space to talk about it all.

Third: I love the feedback I got about my post about the struggles to find our relationship. Lesley and I are big talkers and processors so it’s something we have been talking about a lot. We’ve been calling each other out more on tone useage which helps. Also, today we got an air conditioner. If you aren’t facebook friends with me (well first, why not?) then you might not know it is miserably hot here. We live in the PNW to avoid this kind of craziness but it is so so so hot. So we got us a little window air conditioner that has helped to take the edge off. Now we might be able to get a few things done around here without just laying on the couch thinking about death.

Now to my real post:

Before I had a baby I had hang ups about breastfeeding. Sure, I knew it was best for babies but I thought it weird when people nursed toddlers and didn’t understand why people needed to nurse in public. As soon as he came I got it – I have no hang ups about people doing whatever works for them and started to wonder how long I would nurse Gus.

Gus has never been a comfort nurser. He nurses to eat and then goes about his business. He hates nursing in public – there are too many distractions. It just ends with me boob out for a long time and milk spraying everywhere. Now things have shifted and he totally prefers the bottle.

There are a few reasons for this. First, it is HOT. We give him bottles cold, breast milk from the source is warm. I think he just likes the cold. The second reason is that he’s had a cold and a bottle is easier for him with a cold. I try to nurse him, he won’t stay latched, we give him a bottle and he downs 3 ounces easy. He’s nurse during the night but other than that every time I tried today it ended with a bottle.

I think the next move for him will be a bottle/nursing only before a nap or bed. He takes two naps and day so that would be three times a day (and overnight more). Currently it is probably closer to 5. He’s eating more and more. It amazes how much the little thing with two teeth can eat. We feed him whatever we are eating when he eats. He loves fruit, and peas, and meat. Yesterday, at a work picnic with my work, he ate four pieces of watermelon. It’s a bit absurd. I think as we feed him more set meals and as he fully settles into the two nap transition (this is new) he’ll move towards less bottles.

It’s interesting for me to think about. I was fully okay with nursing him as long as he wanted but didn’t expect it to be so short. I’ll continue nursing at night and pumping as long as he needs me to (meaning until he legit sleeps through the night with is NO WHERE NEAR soon.) But for now, I am thinking about transitioning to an exclusively pumping mama.


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  1. That’s about the same nursing path Ali had, except I did formula instead of pumping until a year. I honestly can’t imagine breast feeding her at the age she is now, although I know people do it all the time!

  2. Even if he doesn’t comfort nurse, there is comfort in it that is a little different than bottle milk. But, if you think this is what is best for him and you, then go for it! Also, sleeping through the night is a magical mystical thing. I still wake up to pee and I’m 30. Most children aren’t physically capably of sleeping through the night until 3 but not needing calories at night seems to come around 18-24 months for a lot of babies. You could end up staying at about this pattern of nursing/bottles for a year. I like knowing that on picky toddlers he still gets breastmilk so that is a good reason to keep up milk past 1.

    I heard those temps for Portland area and gasped. That is hotter than we have been having here yet. I actually put on long sleeves for bed last night. L is leaving today to help a friend move to Portland area, hope their uhaul has air!

    • Yeah, I still think we’d have a ways to go before he is done nursing. I get you about “through the night” – at this point he nurses 3-4 times during the night so I just mean once that dies down. I hate hate pumping so this new arrangement we have is a bit much for me but we’ll keep moving forward. 🙂
      It is miserable here. My mom reminded me how nice it is there yesterday. I used to tell her we’d never move back because we could never have equal rights there – she’s called daily since friday trying to convince us. 🙂

  3. If you hate pumping and want to continue day nursing then work towards that. You might be able to get a gentler flow nipple/bottle set up that won’t deter nursing. I had to use breastflow bottles in order to strengthen Wallace’s latch. The require pressure and sucking and proper tong placement and use. It would be worth meeting with an IBCLC to troubleshoot and come up with a plan. Pumping was never an option for me because it just didn’t work. I even tried again in order to get a small stash ready for a friend and I still had no luck with it. Breastfeeding is much simpler if you can manage that. Are you away from him regularly for work? One option would be to offer gradually decreasing amounts of milk in a bottle and then offer nursing. That way that immediate hunger is satiatied and he begins to associate breastfeeding with day feeds again. I think it can be done!

    Nah, you still don’t want to move back. The ruling doesn’t change the daily oppressive feeling. It will make it more divisive with all the strong opinions going on. I would love to live in a place I don’t feel judged and glared at for being gay. A kind of self segregation, I think.

  4. I think it’s really amazing how early kids make decisions if we let them. I personally hated breastfeeding so I’m relieved my kids weren’t obsessively attached to it. My mom is still heartbroken that I weaned myself at a year. Everyone is so different but I think that finding what works for you is best.

  5. This is the best title in the history of blogging.

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