Working mom woes

I’ve been meaning to write but just haven’t been too sure what to write about. I will start a post in my head and keep it going for a few days but then either lose it or it seems unimportant (You know, because this blog is so important). But today I have a topic.

I hate working. In reality I don’t but this week I sure do. This week has been a strange week. I got a text from our sitter late Sunday that both she and her daughter had some sort of stomach bug. I told her to let me know when she woke up the next day and we would evaluate then. I stayed home with Gus in the morning and once he went down for his morning nap she texted me and said she was feeling good. I took him over after his nap and went into work around 10:30. On Tuesday we went to drop him off at the sitter’s house and after ringing her doorbell five times and calling twice Gus and I dropped Lesley off at work and went home. I heard from here later in the morning when she woke confused. It was 93 degrees Monday and 91 degrees on Tuesday so they had multiple fans on in the house – she didn’t hear the bell or phone. I stayed home with Gus until Lesley got out of work at noon, we swapped him out, and I went to work. I had to work late last night to give a presentation but Lesley and Gus came and hung out at my work because it is air conditioned.

These couple of days have really made me want to be home. I know that’s probably not how I really feel and that this is a “grass is greener” thing but these last couple days have made it hard. Gus takes semi reliable morning naps and is able to play by himself for a short period of time. I was able to get stuff done both mornings and felt like if I just had a little more time I could get a handle on our lives.

There’s other factors that made this worse. Lesley has been sick, first with a cold and then with some sort of stomach flu, for weeks. It’s hot so after bedtime we have zero energy. Before Lesley was sick Gus was sick. There’s always something to do and no time to do it.

Add to that that my kid is really fun. He’s happy and engaged and I want to see him engage with the world. I will never get to go to library story time. There is a local baby hiking group here that pretty much only has daytime hikes. All baby activities pretty much center around stay at home parents. I want to do things with him and take him places and I’m at work. He went with the sitter to a splash park on Monday for the first time. Don’t worry, I got to hear all about how much fun he had.

I’m getting seriously behind at work. I can’t focus and now I am so far behind that I just don’t even know where to start. Maybe I want to run away from that. Maybe I just want to cuddle my kid. Maybe this will pass. But look at this face — this passing doesn’t seem likely.



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  1. Working sucks. And I love it. And we shouldn’t have to choose. Why can’t we all just work 20 hours a week and but have to be stressed about money and families and making it balance?

  2. Also Gus looks like he has serious personality. Angus was one of our names (nickname Gus) but we decided we’d only choose it if seafoam looked like a rolly-poley charmer. He didn’t do we went with Ansel but your Gus is totally a Gus.

  3. I understand this. I actually wrote a bit about this in my last post. Working motherhood SUCKS. No matter what, you’re stretched thin. Ideal would be working part-time.

  4. I wish they had more parent/baby stuff on the weekends, everything is like 11 am on a weekday. I’m the breadwinner so there is no reality where I will get to be a stay at home mom, or even a mom who gets home by 3 to meet him after school. I kind of feel like a horrible person saying this, but even though Brian is super fun and cute, he can be a lot to deal with and I kind of like doing just our evening routine during the week and then having all weekend together. When I was just going back to work, I wouldn’t have believed it, but those 2.5 hours after work and before bedtime feel like enough most days.

  5. Yeah, it sucks that companies are so locked into a 40-45 hr work week. I probably would have gotten more done working half days, I spent a good amount of time wandering around and screwing around online while at work.

  6. I just responded on a very similar post from Lindsay’s blog. I know it seems hard at the moment because Gus is in this stage of his baby life that’s so amazing 🙂 I feel like every working mom feels this and goes through it. I get to stay at home with our kids and my wife works. She too, feels like she’s missing out on so much. I’m always envious of her time alone, I get zero time to myself daily between juggling it all. I wish there was a balance, but I feel like it’s life and our children will be provided with excellent role models this way, for us anyhow. I’m sorry your going through working mom woes….these come and go for our family. I know for my wife her solution was being able to pick her schedule so she works at 4:30am-1:30pm, this way se can get off early enough to enjoy our days together. Can you move some scheduling around…???

  7. I forgot to talk about Gus’s face! He looks like a fun guy:):):) super fun!!!!

  8. The struggle of being a working mom is too real, although, i love going to work…at least I have Callie at home being able to capture all of the moments, so ONE of us gets to enjoy it, and its not the babysitter or the day care teacher telling us about it…i would NEVER tell parents when they would pick up their kids…it’s just not right!

  9. I completely agree about activities being geared for stay at home moms. I think it’s great they have things for them to do but at the same time can they not share that fun and excitement with us working mom’s too?!? Corrie works at a high school so she gets holidays and summer breaks and I hate when I have to leave to go to work on those mornings.

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