Lesley ran into a mom we know from baby class while at work today. The interaction went like this:

Other mom: “Oh hi! Is Gus with you?”
Les: “No, I work here so am working now.”
Other mom: “Oh right. [To her child] ______ you remember Lesley. Gus’ dad. Or mom. Or whatever.”


Also, your 10 month old child doesn’t remember Lesley (or Gus for that matter) so probably no need to say anything anyway.


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  1. Oh, how pleasant. Gus’s whatever. Such a sweet ring to it. Happy Whatever’s Day! 😐

  2. I can see the onesie now: “My Whatever Loves Me.”

  3. :O wow. That’s a special kind of something right there.

  4. Maybe she was articulating resistance to the mom/dad binary? Just kidding, that’s a really bizarre thing to say.

  5. Oh jeez, that sounds like it was awkward for everyone. We run into stuff like that sometimes too, it’s irritating.

  6. twomamasonebaby

    😳 No words.

  7. Wow that’s absolutely awesome. There’s so much ignorance in this world. I’m sorry that happened.

  8. Oh my… and I thought I was awkward. Mom from baby class for the win. Or the loss. Or…whatever.

    Seriously though, bizarre. Guess that’s what Lesley gets for hanging with the dads…?

  9. I wonder if, when she walked away, she cringed and winced at what the hell she said. Sometimes people just spill crap out of their mouths and regret it later once they’ve had time to mull it over! I sincerely hope she noticed how her choice of words was super awkward.

  10. lifeasagaymom

    Lol oh dearrrr

  11. I mean, Lesley is a unisex name, so i get the confusion?!?! WTF!?! I would have ended that with, “Bye ______ uh, you know, yeah, ok! BYE!” What a freaking weirdo!

  12. My mouth literally dropped open when I read this! People are nuts is the conclusion I have come to.

  13. Gah. We just experienced this, where someone referred to La as Ansel’s dad. Another queer person! It’s so weird. And infuriating. Why can’t people just, you know, ask what kind of language is preferred? Or not be stupid?

  14. Wow. I just have no idea what to say to that. Wow.

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