Birthday parties

So, as long time readers know, we joined a group for newborns and their parents at a local nonprofit. It was ten weeks of groups that are now over but the goal is really to connect with parents.

There are some parents I like a lot, some I like just fine, and one who are nice but just not people we would ever be friends with. Like the dad posts this kind of stuff on facebook:

So now kids in the group are starting to have birthdays and we were just invited to their son’s birthday party. We can be “out of town” that weekend, right?


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  1. Oh boy. Yes, I’d be busy that weekend.

  2. I think you feel a cold coming on!

  3. You totally already were invited to ANOTHER birthday party a week ago…

  4. Yeah. Way way out of town.

  5. You’ll be so far out of town you’ll be on the damn moon the day of that party.

  6. I’m not familiar with this verb “loosing.” ha! Someone does not know how to use spell check. I have no doubt something will “suddenly come up” that prevents you from attending.

  7. I’m certain you guys mentioned you were traveling that weekend. πŸ˜‰

  8. Hehe, I was probably planning Ali’s first birthday that far in advance, but I knew to keep it to myself for a while longer!

  9. What group of people are being referred to as goat humpers? I’m behind on my offensive slang I guess. This would prompt an “unfriend” from me honestly and I tolerate a lot.

    • I wondered that, too. He is hidden from my newsfeed so i only saw this when looking for an example. The only reason not unfriended is because i don’t want to be drama with this whole parent group.

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