Monday’s are the worst.

Gus was trying at points this weekend but also really fun. We took long walks, played, went swimming, and sometimes napped. And now I’m at work and that’s stupid. Monday’s are the worst.




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  1. They really are the pits though aren’t they! I would rather work 4 10 hours days and add one more day to my weekend. If feels like when you finally get into the groove, it’s over! And then all i can do is sit at my desk and sneak glances at my cellphone to stalk our weekend pictures…it’s pathetic!

  2. Agreed. Leah keeps talking about starting an intentional community in Missoula if she lands a tenure track there. I told her only if I get to work from home/work the farm (i.e. never leave my children again).

  3. I hate Mondays, too. LOATHE. I just want to go hommmmme and be with my kid!

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