You know what I find stressful about a baby? Food.

Gus started on some solid food about a month ago. He eats purees that we make once or twice a day and I didn’t think much of it. Lately we have been trying to give him some finger foods but he’s not too interested. He has a lot of interest in putting everything that is not food in his mouth but not banana. We have tried giving him blueberries (cut into fourths) as finger food too and no interest there. I think these things might be to sticky.

I spend so much time thinking about this. I asked a facebook mom group for some recommendations for food yesterday and have some new ideas of things to try as finger foods. I know he’s love the puff things but I have a hard time giving him something made in a factory as one of his first foods. so we’ll try a few other things and see what he might like.

All of this seems fine and not stressful, right? Except that you are only suppose to introduce one food at a time which means give him a food and wait a week to see how he reacts. I’ve backed off and decided 4-5 days is good but this means that since I gave him 1 grape (that I cut into eighths and crewed the skin off of – yay motherhood!) yesterday at a birthday party now I won’t give him carrots until Wednesday at the earliest. I seriously think at this rate he will be 25 before he tries all food.

And then, to top of the stress of how can I get him to try anything did you know kids should have common allergens before 1? So eggs, dairy, and peanut butter. I have 5 1/2 months to find a way to give him peanut butter.

So that’s my life. How to feed my kid. I have about 6 other blog posts have started in my head but all I think about all the time is how I need to feed him the right things so he doesn’t develop allergies and how we need to move on a schedule and how I am most assuredly screwing something up here. I’m going to go push on my boobs now to get more milk pumped. Happy Monday blogland.


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  1. I’m all about “following rules” but I think waiting a week – shit even 5 days is extreme. The twins have had avocado, apple & banana and they tasted chicken last night but Elliott flat out gagged on it (it was pretty nasty looking lol) so I just gave him apple mixed with avocado. I feel like within 24 hours you will know if your child has an allergy to something…most things affect you within a few hours – or instantly so I don’t get the whole wait a week thing. As far as the allergens – you are SUPPOSED to give it to them before a year or NOT supposed to give it to them? I thought you were not supposed to give them anything like that until they are over 1 year old. I’m curious because I would love to let them have some scrambled eggs as finger food once they get a little bigger. Have you tried avocado with Gus? The babies really liked that.

    • Yeah, I am trying with wean down the waiting time. Lesley thinks that groups of food are fine. Like he has squash so we’re in the clear for sweet potato – that kind of thing. I can get with that. The new recommendations are allergens before a year! I thought that Gus would have problems with avocado (I think the problem with banana is it’s too sticky for him to pick up off the tray) but the facebook mom group assured me that it’s easier so that’s on the grocery list. Pears have been his favorite so far.

  2. There was just an incredibly well designed study that came out regarding peanut allergies. I’ll see if I can find a link for it when I’m on my computer. TLDR: Regular introduction of peanuts starting at either 4 or 6 months (can’t remember) decreases the risk of developing an allergy in kids who are more likely to be allergic.

  3. I gave Roo bread as one of her first finger foods. I know that is more than one food at a time but it’s mostly flour and water (first was dairy free flat bread). Now I give toast with peanut butter on it quite often. She enjoys lots of different types of bread now.
    It’s only recommended to wait 3 days between foods in the advice given in NZ.

  4. After the initial fear of our Gus reacting to everything wore off, we just started waiting three days between new foods. We skipped grains for a while and just started with fruits and veggies. He also loved avocado, and hard-boiled egg yolks!

  5. I was worried about multiple foods at once until our pediatrician said point blank that it was fine to mix them. We try to be particularly careful about the common allergens but so far no problems! Good luck, i hope you find your happy medium 🙂

  6. My #1 baby food recommendation is baby-led weaning (BLW). Their cookbook has a nice summary of the philosophy/approach in the beginning if you don’t have time for the full book, and, perhaps even more importantly for the actual focus of this post, lots of good food/recipe ideas. I also don’t put much stock in overly long intervals between new foods. We may have gone a little slower with common allergens, but in general we pretty much fed our kiddo a subset of what we were eating at any given meal. She had a few less than stellar reactions but they were easily narrowed down and avoided once we confirmed them (and later outgrown–though obviously I’m not trying to be dismissive of more serious situations, which are obviously out there and terrifying).

  7. Did you try quinoa yet? Both of ours loved it as babies, especially when we overcooked it a little. It’s quick to cook & stores great in the fridge, can be mixed in with anything including your squash & sweet potato purees. You’re probably fine giving G whole blueberries & whole peas, especially if you’re right there with him. Yogurt is great too & he’s less likely to react to it than other types of dairy. Steamed cauliflower heads. Very well-cooked beans. For eggs, scrambled eggs were the easiest presentation for our kids to eat, esp before they had teeth. Applesauce. Boneless/deboned fish. Philly rolls, lol. Honestly, it was so easy to just slowly incorporate foods from what we were eating anyways. No extra prep, no worries if they didn’t like it because hey, more for us! Could easily do family meals, no extra stress and they had were more motivated to try everything because they saw that we were gobbling it down too.

    They loved (and still love) pears too. 🙂

    • Did you worry about the time between foods?

      • A little for baby#1, not at all for baby#2. The stereotype is real, people. 🙂 For #1, we introduced a new food every 4-5 days for the first 2-3 months. And wrote the new food in list-form on the picture part of the calendar to keep track of introduced foods & ensure we kept them in her diet so we didn’t create food allergies that otherwise wouldn’t exist. Sorry #2, you just got whatever #1 felt like shoving into your mouth. That still counts as BLW, right? I mean, #1 was still a baby, so…

  8. After a month or so, I relaxed a bit and only waited a couple days before trying new foods. Neither the donor nor I have any food allergies, so I wasn’t worried about any serious reactions. We had the occasional rash or bout of gas, but as her digestive system matured she outgrew all of it. I second the quinoa suggestion, Ali really liked it too. I think her first finger food was the freeze dried yogurt puffs, she really loved those things!

  9. Food is stressful for me too. I’m worried about choking, what if it’s not squishy enough or I don’t cut it small enough, agh!

    • Thankfully, as long as they’re putting it into their own mouths & sitting upright, there is very little that they can actually choke on. Babies have awesome gag reflexes and they’ll just gag it out. Or gag it a little ways out and go back to gum-mashing it. Except whole grapes/cherry tomatoes, which are all just hatefully delicious little balls of death.

  10. I had no plan with my kids. I just started giving them food. Sure I aimed for healthier, more nutritious options but I did not give single foods. After a couple weeks of getting them used to eating with things like sweet potato sticks, apple slices, banana chunks, and such I started just offering variations of whatever we were having (this also forces me to eat healthier). Broiled fish with brown rice and broccoli, chicken with quinoa and peas, overnight oats with berries. I obviously kept an eye out for any kind of reaction and was aware of allergens but i didn’t let it control my life. the ONLY thing a baby can’t have is honey. Other than that, the recommendation is to introduce everything. Food doesn’t have to be stressful! it’s fun! Both my kids eat indian food and both my kids eat sushi. I’m fine with them going through picky phases but I believe that introducing them to a variety of foods is a good thing!

  11. I worked in childcare for over 10 years, and giving babies solids, I don’t think many parents (or us teachers) waited more than 2-3 days before introducing a new food. The things that they eat are so limited at first, that If they were to have a reaction to something, you would really only have to narrow it down to 1 or 2 things. Our guys will be starting solids at the end of the month (probably just rice cereal for now) but I doubt we’ll wait very long before we start giving them other foods and the interval wont be so long either…heck, they have a lot of spanish food to get ready for!

  12. We are doing BLW and Thijs has been “eating” solids for about 4 months now. He barely eats any solids (although he somehow eats enough that we have to spray his diapers now) and dislikes purees as well. Mostly we just give him what we are eating. It takes a lot of the stress out. He still gags sometimes, but is pretty good at just spitting something out if it’s too big or he doesn’t want to swallow it. Oh and we never waited at all in between foods. I figured if he had any allergies there would have been signs from exposure from breastfeeding. Hang in there and try not to stress too much. It gets easier.

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