Conversation shift

I was chatting with Shawnsandcade today and she asked if we wanted more kids. I gave her my standard answer: I don’t know. We were adamant to be one and done and now it’s one and maybe. We talk both ways about it and I feel Lesley is more adamantly against it that I am but I’m not pushing for it, either.

Later, as we were driving around while August slept in the car, I told Lesley about the conversation. Her response what surprising.

“I’d love another kid.”

Uh… What? I didn’t have to decide because Lesley didn’t want another! But now it’s out there. We both agreed that we may be good with one; we may not. There are some logistical issues: our house is too small to comfortably house a family of four. Our donor is sold out. How the hell would we afford another child? Do I really want to breastfeed for four straight years?

So for now the idea is just out there. We agreed to try to make a decision around Gus’ birthday. Our consumer debt will be paid off then and I get a raise around then. We’ll keep talking and see where we’re at.

But two is it. Two and done.


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  1. Oh man. Your head must be spinning. Glad you’ve got a projected timetable at least. Hope it becomes clear in time. If not, though? You’re in good company. Such a tough decision!

  2. Oops!

  3. I was telling Devan yesterday if it weren’t for her being in Nursing school I’d be down to start trying in about 2 months. We want a HUGE family – like AT LEAST 4…and I want to be pregnant again for sure, and Devan wants to be pregnant so we have to do it at least 2 more times…but I’m thinking we will have 4 and either adopt down the road or have 5 of our own. Being a mom is the coolest thing I’ve ever done. Its amazing. Are you and shawni & cade close? I really want to come out to your part of town and meet everyone. Plus I love Oregon!

    • We’ve always talked about being open to fostering and adopting later on and still are open to that. Maybe we will decide that is where we go from here. Lesley said if we wanted to start trying again now she’d understand. I said, “Uhhhh….” I totally agree – being a mom is the coolest thing I have ever done. I didn’t expect to love it so much – especially now because I’m not super into babies. Shawni and I talk often. We were supposed to meet in Portland this weekend but Canada has not given her Everly’s birth certificate yet so they can’t cross the border. We (and littlerainbowbug) have reset a meeting for June in Seattle. COME TO OREGON (or Seattle!).

  4. Haha. We haven’t talked about this in a while, but in the beginning, I was adamant about ONE and Catch was insistent that we have two. Go figure since I was an only child and she has a sister. Now that Catch has experienced both my IVF and pregnancy hormones, I have a feeling she may have come around to my side. Only time will tell, though! We still have 5 embryos tucked away, so who knows.

  5. I was adamantly one and done up until Ali was about 9 months. I think I was missing that tiny baby thing once she started becoming more independent.

  6. I’m trying for my first right now, and can relate to the combination of excitement and insecurity that comes with being open to the possibility. Good luck with the decision-making!

  7. It’s been kind of fun, right? Whatever you decide, it’ll be a grand adventure. But really, isn’t everything better in pairs? 😉

  8. Callie and I always wanted a big family. I’m one of 5, so the big family is sort of part of my identity, and Callie was just her and her brother and she always wanted more siblings and cousins. Since the beginning we had settled on 5 kids, because we figured, financially, we could do that, but if it were possible to have 7,8,9, we totally would. I’m going to try in June and have then transfer one of Callie’s 7 embryo’s. Lets see what happens! But good for you ladies on decided on my kiddos. Gus will need a buddy! He seems pretty social with Declan, so a sibling would be awesome for him. I love looking at their pics and watching them;’s super cute!

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