Lesley’s dad and stepmom are here. It’s a bit awkward to have your boobs out all the time in front of your father-in-law. I felt weird about this until I remembered the first time we met.

Lesley’s dad is a member of a men’s only hunting and fishing club. They own land with a few private houses (that can only be owned by men) and a club house. Only men are allowed in the club house except each member gets one weekend a year for their family to use it. We always got Lesley’s family weekend and filled the clubhouse with lesbians and our friend Josh.

The first family weekend was about 6 weeks after we started dating. The group had planned to go and I joined. Her dad lived on the property at that time so came down at some point to check on us. There I was, meeting my new girlfriend’s dad for the first time, head shaved, wearing a see through white tank top (no bra), sitting on her lap, both really high.

Maybe I should have thought about the future. Here I am, 8.5 years later, breastfeeding his grandson while he makes me pancakes.


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  1. That story is amazing.

  2. Upon walking up to us he said: “It smells like someone is smoking the rope down here.”

  3. Yes! This story is so amazing. Gotta love the stoner days.

  4. I wish there was a picture lol

  5. AWESOME!!! What a way to meet your inlaws! LOL!

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