Milk math

My day centers around milk math. At work it is constantly on my mind: When do I pump? How much did I pump? How much has he eaten today.

Today looked like this:
Running late for work, got here at 8:45.
Meeting at 9, client here at 10.
Client leaves, pump at 11. (7.5 ounces)
Pump again at 1:15. (4 ounces)
Pump again at 3:15. (amount to be determined, hoping for 4 ounces)
Leave at 5.

Today is a short day so ounce wise I get less. 3 days a week I am in at 7 – I tend to get at least 10 ounces from those morning pumps.

Gus is eating about 16 ounces a day while I am at work. I send him whatever I pump the day before and normally there is some left over. Until this week.

Monday our sitter thought a bottle smelled off so she dumped it and used a frozen bag. (I appreciate this.) Tuesday he ate more than expected at the sitter in the morning and Lesley used a freezer bag (and I fed him at lunch). Today who knows. He was sent with somewhere round 18 ounces and out sitter has milk in her freezer so we’ll find out when we pick him up.

Overall, I have been storing milk so we are fine. We have around 50 ounces stored and I have donated around 100 ounces. but this is the first week where we have used frozen milk and not had stuff left over at the end of each day. And now I can’t stop thinking about it. I started taking fennugreek to help up supply and am considering adding extra pumps (before work or immediately once I get home). As it stands, I have some plans without him Friday night (for the first time, more on that later) and am pumping after he goes to bed for night milk. So I have a decision to make – do I want to pump 5 times a day?

No one likes pumping. It is terrible and not fun and I really don’t like doing it. But exclusively breast feeding is the right choice for our family. So I sit here, multiple times a day, with sheets of paper covering the window in my office door and I pump. I pump and I do the milk math and hope he has enough to eat tomorrow and that at the end of the week there’s a little extra to put aside for another babe.


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  1. I am in the same predicament…they eat around 40oz a day and I’m pumping like 30-35 so I am using a freezer bag every day :-/ hoping my supply goes up I don’t want them on formula 😦

    • Are you taking any supplements?

      • I have done oatmeal and mothers milk tea here and there but nothing consistent, I also pump every 3 hours 😦 sometimes I go 5 hours or 6 if I actually give them the breast but most of the time they’re getting my breast milk fortified with formula for extra calories so they have to have it in a bottle. What supplements do you suggest? Do they actually work?

      • I just started fennugreek last night so will let you know what i think of that in a few days. Like you, i haven’t done anything consistent. Do you have options for donor milk where you are if it came to that?

      • I am not sure, I would have to research but I am totally open to it. I have about 100oz in the freezer because I was making waaaaay more than they were eating when they were in the NICU…but they’re starting to catch up lol! I’d like to exclusively breast feed them until they’re on solids. I hate giving them the formula mixed with breast milk as it is.

  2. I went back to work for about 6 weeks when my maternity leave was over, and pumped that time. It was hard!

  3. Brewers yeast tablets really helped my supply (still under produce but it’s better.

  4. I was the same way. Pumping, exclusively, was so awful for me when I went back to work. But, it was worth it, as you know – I do get the sentiment though, you think about milk, boobs, and the time.

  5. Poor Callie is only pumping about 4oz a day! She is taking Mother Love More milk and just started the Fenugreek and the Blessed thistle last night to. She had Breast surgery 4 years ago so they didn’t even think she would be able to get any milk at all since they cut some of ducts. But she pumps 8-10x’s a day for 15-20 min at a time! She has a notebook that we have dubbed “The Bible” that has her pumping times, amounts, boys diaper changing, feedings, and Callie’s vitamins, supplements, and medications. I totally hear you with this Milk Math!

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