Tonight as I was feeding August before he went to bed:
We need to change our sheets. I leaked milk everywhere last night and they are hard and crusty.
Lesley: Is he still sleeping on the sheet he threw up all over the other night?
Me: oh. Yeah.
Lesley: Maybe tonight we just rock it and tomorrow wash everyone’s sheets?

The thing that has surprised me (stupidly, I know) most about parenthood is the amount of bodily fluids. It. Never. Stops.


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  1. Not gonna lie, we’ve flipped a pillow with spit up on it or folded the receiving blanket a certain way to avoid it. Sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do LOL 🙂

  2. I have sure been there. Most certainly!

  3. We cosleep, and sometimes (always) when ali’s diaper leaks i just move her out of the wet spot and i sleep on it.

  4. Been there, done that. Although we did take to putting double sheets in Clem’s cosleeper/crib with an absorbent cover/pad between them–much easier to strip the top layer off in the middle of the night and deal with re-layering in the morning.

    I visited friends with a one month old this week–I had forgotten how enjoyable the game “Guess the Bodily Fuild” was. Every round begins with a phrase like, “hm, what’s that on the couch?!” Fun stuff.

  5. Same. Oh, parenting. What a fun mess.

  6. Callie and I were JUST having this conversation. Boys per EVERYWHERE ALL THE TIME!! We put a flat sheet on top of our fitter sheet and have been sleeping on that. We flipped the pillow, wiped another one down with a baby wipe, and fabreezed the hell out of another one! Lol! You’re right! The amount of bodily fluids is ridiculous!

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