One of my biggest frustrations with Lesley is that I feel she is always on her phone (usually watching hockey videos). I am on my phone a lot too so we just argue in circles about this.

But sometimes she catches me off guard. Gus has been sleeping terribly for the past week. He’s has a cold and also maybe 4 month sleep regression? Who knows. Tonight Lesley got home from hockey and he was asleep. And then she said the magic words: ” Dr. Sears says…”

So here I am, letting my boy dream feed before Lesley and I go to sleep. Because that’s what Dr. Sears suggested and what Lesley researched – because sometimes when she’s on her phone she’s researching ways to help our kiddo sleep.

I tried to take a picture of this scene but yeah… Nope. So here you can have a picture of my little family. We tried to get a picture yesterday and didn’t get a “good” one but I love this.



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  1. Oh yes, I don’t remember when I first read about and tried dream feeding, but holy smokes it’s amazing. Also, phones. Yeah.

  2. The 4-month sleep regression was a bitch.

    I also am on my phone too much. I don’t let myself go on it between the hours of 4-7pm (when I’m with Evelyn after work).

  3. twomamasonebaby

    Ah, yes. The phone struggle is real.

  4. Beautiful. And hooray for dream feeds and researching wives! Boo to phones though…so convenient and wonderful in many ways, but so difficult to truly be present.

  5. We’re still in the 4 month sleep regression haha. I’m just calling it our forever sleep regression now

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