I started week two of work today. Today was hard dropping him off – I think that Mondays always will be knowing that we have the whole week ahead. But I am happy to be back at work. I love my job. I also love having some me time which is silly because it’s at work. We have a lot we need to work on to get into a better flow. We need to do more prep cooking so dinner is faster and easier. We need to find a way to keep up on housework. Or we need to give up on those things. We have a super helpful friend coming to town this weekend and that will help as we’ll have that extra set of hands.

But let me tell you, I love his primary childcare provider. Today when we picked him up her fiancé, who doesn’t work on Mondays (and is actually there with them most of the time he is there) told us that Gus loves bluegrass music and this morning they hung out and the adults played to banjo and mandolin to him. I am teary eyed just typing this. I’m not surprised as I met her fiancé years ago when he went by “Piano Truck” due to the fact that he was a street performed who played a piano strapped into the back of his pickup truck with a taxidermy wolf on top of the piano. This town. These people. But Gus is adjusting there and he has some fussy spells but they get smiles from him and I am sure as he gets more used to them it will just continue to get better.

We took Gus out of the sleep sack at night (it still sometimes is helpful during the day in case of a major freak out). Night one was rough. He made it about halfway through the night, waking up every two hours, until he got sleep sacked again because he was hysterical. Night two he made it in the sleep sack all night but woke up still every two hours. Last night was night three and it was a fairly normal night. He woke around midnight, 3, and 5. Normally he wakes twice – once between midnight and two and once between 3 and 4:30 – so last night was close. Hopefully in another few nights things will be back to normal. He is a trasher we found out and moves around quite a bit. This made me glad that he is in his cosleeper next to us and not in the bed. I could deal with it as I am also a thrasher but poor Lesley would never sleep again.

So that’s our little world. Slowly adjusting to life’s changes and trying to take things in stride. I’ve seen all your posts about resolutions and the new year. I’ve been thinking about those things. I’m not big on resolutions but like goals. My goals are to be happy, to enjoy as many moments as I can, to stress less, and to live without apology. These adjustments are big but we’re surviving. And with that I need to go pump some milk for a mama in the community with a desperate need.


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  1. Glad to hear the transition to unrestrained sleeping is going about as smoothly as possible.
    I don’t know if our experience might help, but with food, we’ve found a big pot of something like soup made on the weekend can make the week way easier. Also: crock pot.

  2. Meals were hard when i went back to work, i remember not wanting to spend her awake time cooking/cleaning. One thing i did that helped was making double batches of things that froze well.

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