3 months!

Y’all. I have a three month old baby. Look!

He’s great and I love him and he’s mine! It feels like there’s no way he could already be three months old but also like he’s always been here.

Going back to work has been okay and borderline good now that he’s eating. He’s happy at the end of the day and tonight we walked around the kitchen with his head on my shoulder as I sang him The Be Good Tanyas songs and remembered how long I waited for these moments. My best friend told me a while ago that she would totally list her two year old as one of her best friends but people would think she was weird and I was all, “Uh, yeah” but now I get it. He’s so great.

He’s started to fight against being swaddled and we use easy swaddles and when he hears the Velcro his eyes get big and his body tenses up and it creeps me out. So tonight is a trial night with his arms out in a sleep sack. Do ‘t expect me to like him this much in the morning.

Here’s our favorite outtake from today’s photo shoot:


We love it when he makes that face because he looks like this dog.


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  1. Agh he is sooooo cute!! What is the diaper he has on? I’ve been meaning to pick your brain on your favourites now that you’ve had a chance to try them

    • Not to butt in (hah! butt! I didn’t even mean to pun…) but it looks like a Bum Genius pocket to me. These were our favorites. Used prefolds with Thirsties covers early-on, but then switched to pockets, mostly Bum Genius but a few Fuzzibunz as well. Our local diaper shop had a two-week try-to-buy program–borrow a bunch of brands for a small rental fee, try them out, buy the ones you wanted to keep, and return the rest. I can’t recommend that highly enough, as the butt/leg shapes and sizes vary significantly from kid to kid. Also, keep in mind that what works for a baby isn’t necessarily what worked for that same kid as a toddler.

      Cute kid, P&L–hope the night went well and you’reenjoying him as much as you did when you wrote the post!

    • It is a rumperooz cover over a GMD workhorse diaper. These our our favorite combination. We use these at home- pockets at daycare. I’m loving the workhorse but if you have them i have some extra thoughts to share. 🙂

  2. Look at that! Big boy 🙂
    (with big ol’ feet!)

  3. I totally get it too! Glad your transition back to work is going well. He’s a cutie for sure!

  4. 1) Hooray, G, for accepting bottles!
    2) Yay for GMD workhorse dipes!
    2) I think that fox shrunk. G is so good at growing! Has it really been 3 months already?
    3) I love that dog. That is totally my wife’s face whenever she makes a corny joke.
    4) W has decided that the most hilarious thing he could possibly do in this world is to climb up on something and start to fall off. I hate this so much, and also it is so hard not to laugh along with him.
    5) How did the no-swaddle night go? Did he dig it?

  5. Such a cutie! We never tried workhorses, but I kind of wish we did. I guess it’s not too late.

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