Christmas pictures

So, the night after my last post Gus slept an obscene amount that I will not disclose here because I know some of you are having rougher nights than we are. Things are always a little better after enough sleep and once the disappointment of losing our date day passed. I still stand by what I said, I’m not cut out to stay at home but I do want to enjoy these last few days with him. I know that once I go back it will be harder than I imagine.

Yesterday we had our two month pediatrician visit. I don’t know if I mentioned this before but the pediatrician we picked that we saw when he was two weeks old left her position so we had to pick a new one. We say the physicians assistant yesterday and we really liked her, which is good. Gus is 14 pounds, 9 ounces and 24.5 inches long. He’s 85th percentile for height and weight. It was nice to see since everyone acts like he is giant – there are kids bigger than him! We finished up his Christmas pictures last night so we can get them printed tonight as we hope to get packages out to our families tomorrow. Since I don’t want family to see them I am not posting them anywhere until Christmas but you all get a sneak peak! Here they are:

IMG_2773 IMG_2711 IMG_2735 IMG_2740 IMG_2749 IMG_2707


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  1. AHHHH your family is so cute. Love you guys.

  2. Nice pants! I’m going to try getting some pictures with lights and Santa hats with the kids I babysit today, I’m expecting tears and disaster 😉

  3. I can’t even handle how beautiful your family is. Those bow ties are just fabulous. And I’m only moderately jealous they probably don’t make those amazing pants in my size.

    So glad to hear you’re getting an occasional good rest. It really helps in so many way. And don’t worry, both our kids were 97th percentile and to this day, still have heads off the charts. 😉 Lookin’ good and healthy, handsome!

  4. Y’all are adorable! And A has pretty much the best pants ever.

  5. so sweet! and how perfect are those pants?

  6. Adorable! What a dapper lot you are.

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